With love, to Mobile

Mobile Wala Love

With love, to Mobile

Mobile Wala LOVE

It was a beautiful day today. Just after the morning tea, I was walking in front of my home, and I saw my neighboring girl going to school. Well, she was going to take her Class X CBSE board examination. She greeted me and I asked her, “Which paper is it, today?” She gave a smiling reply, “Computer” After this, there is only Social Studies left, and left.

My thoughts changed their direction. What do they teach in subject computer now a days? Mostly, theoretical, origin of computers, a little about fundamentals, programming of Basic, Java, Microsoft tools etc.The thoughts do not follow any law. They turn all of a sudden. My thoughts turned to mobile and rightfully so after looking at the current generation. While working on these thoughts, coincidentally received a forwarded message conveying the thought process of Mobile Wala Love which stands true in current scenario!

With love, to Mobile

Mobile is not being taught now. Why? Why? Why?

Well, if you look the the science curriculum, they have tried to teach every thing that entered our lives- from electricity to magnetism, from physical to chemical changes, from incandescent bulb to tubelight, diodes, triode and transistors, working of radio and television. For a long duration, the school course remained as it is, even though the technology was changing fast. I recall a couple of years back, when I was helping my niece with physics, I thought I must give her a practical example by showing her the working of electric bell. My idea was to break the electric bell, and show its internals. However, soon I realized all of the electric bells we use now are electronic, and showing her a physical electric bell is not possible. Well, Youtube helped me then, and I showed her animations of it.

Meanwhile the technology kept on changing and soon, there was a new entry- Computers.

Anyways, our academicians took the challenge and started teaching computers in their own way, by telling its history, working, functional parts, how to use it etc. etc.

Coming back to mobile, the same has entered our lives fully. We take it with us everywhere- be it the dining table or bedroom or office or toilet or car or bedroom. Mobile has become really a true companion of us. Today, our mobiles share more secrets about us compared to those kept by our best friend or spouse. Almost everyone uses it. Still, it has not been able to find a place in our academic curriculum. Sometimes, we do see essays in English classes, “Is mobile use good or bad for students?” or similar ones.

Is it not surprising that the mobile has totally failed in getting a respectable space in our school curriculum? As a human, I feel guilty for my mobile for the same. I feel we, the humans, have become selfish. I feel, we have failed in our duty to repay back mobile its due. I feel, we have taken the mobile phones as granted. I feel we do not feel the feelings of our mobiles!

Today, we are using less tubelights and now switching over to LEDs, still, we teach our kids about the incandescent bulb and tubelights more. We have switched to electronic door-bell, but we teach them electric bell. Being mobile a relative new product in our technology basket, I hope it would soon get a proper space in school textbooks. Maybe in the years to come, we see not only a chapter on mobile, but a whole subject.

All the very best, Mobile.

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