A Woman Performs Limbo At The Airport, Video Is Going Viral

Shemika Charles also participated in America's Got Talent

People have different ways to tackle their boredom while they are in travel. Some read books, some are busy on calls, some watch movies on their tablet/ phone/ laptop and some just prefer to sleep and do nothing. However, have you ever seen someone performing limbos while in travel?

Well, it’s not crazy, instead a fun to watch.

Shemika Charles, who hails from Buffalo, New York is a professional limbo dancer. She was traveling from Philadelphia airport when she decided not to sit idle at the airport and instead do something entertaining.

Woman Limbo Airport video

She amazed everyone by performing a gravity-defying limbo act. Her husband recorded it and posted it on the web. The video went viral in no time and the internet users were bewildered with Shemika’s performance.

We can see other people at the airport recording her as well as she became the center of the attraction.

Shemika already holds two Guinness World records for Lowest Female Limbo. She made a record in the year 2010 by reaching 8.5 inches off the ground. And then again in 2016, she made another record by limboing for over 10 feet at a height of less than a foot.

She was also a contestant in America’s Got Talent Season 6.

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