Video: See what happens if you put a 1000 degree hot glowing ball in mentos

Mentos vs glowing steel ball

A lot of fun experimental videos have been surfacing on YouTube, this video by MrGear is one such video and is already popular on Youtube with around 12 Million ‘likes’ while the channel has 8.7 Million subscribers. The sole purpose of this video is to just put the curiosity to rest.

This artist introduces a glowing metal ball (heated to about 1000 degrees) to a lot of different mediums and records the reaction resulting from the contact.

Initially, you’ll see that 3/4th of a glass tumbler is filled with Coca-Cola. A pack of opened jelly opened and placed on glass tumbler, with its open side facing upwards. A metal ball is then heated (up to 1000 degrees) with the help of blow torches on either side of the ball. The glowing ball is then put into the jelly, at first the jelly turns into liquid and starts boiling then the Coca-cola starts bubbling out. The ball is again heated to about 1000 degrees and pressed over a slab of soap. The soap first turns into liquid and within no time turns into black tar-like residue.

The metal ball is re-heated and then introduced into a glass with Mentos tablets. You can see the white fumes coming out of the glass and mentos turning into a boiling thick liquid char. Now a little amount of Coca-Cola is poured into the glass and within a few minutes, the liquid completely evaporates leaving behind black residue.

Next, this artist tries introducing the heated metal ball to un-cooked as well as cooked pasta and as expected it burns them.

The heated metal ball is then dropped in a glass filled with uncooked eggs, it completely cooks them and when taken out, has the white omelet like material stuck to it.



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