Mumbai Police Shares a funny video of a thief returning wallet

People are often asked to be careful at public places and to take care of their belongings because of the fear of pickpockets. However, the thieves are very smart and sharp with their stealing skills that sometimes even staying alert doesn’t help. And to deal with the increasing crime, CCTV cameras are now installed almost everywhere in big cities. Be it an industrial area, a small sweet shop, residential buildings, Schools, shopping malls, parks, or streets, we can see CCTV cameras everywhere and they see us right back.

Recently, a thief who stole a wallet gave it back to its owner after realizing that he has been caught on the camera. The video was shared by Mumbai Police on Twitter stating, “The video is funny, but the consequences in reality will be quite serious. #EyeOpenersForYou”

In this 22 second video, we can see a man in grey hoodie stealing a man’s wallet in a shop. Quickly he realizes that the CCTV Camera of the shop has recorded his act and therefore, he smiled and folded hands in front of the camera and returned the wallet to the person it belonged. He pretended as if the wallet had fallen down and he picked it up to return. He even shook hands with the man.

Here’s how the tweeps reacted to this video uploaded by Mumbai Police:

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