Newly Wed Punjabi Couple Doing Bhangra In A Club Is The Cutest Thing To Watch Today

Couple doing Bhangra in a club is winning everyone's heart

Going to a club and dancing to the loud beats is a different feel altogether. How much we love ‘Don’t let me down’ playing in clubs after we are two shots down! And for Bollywood lovers ‘Chaar Bottle Vodka‘ has the same effect.  A club is a nice place to show off our dancing skills because we know that we might get lucky on the same dance floor.

However, have you ever seen someone doing Bhangara in a Club? Well, why not? If the DJ plays a lively Punjabi music who can control right? We came across a video in which we can see a couple doing ‘Bhangra’ in a club which grabbed the attention of everybody. Kajal Singh Pannu is a model from Vancouver who has featured in many Punjabi music videos. She uploaded the dance video on her Instagram handle and won appreciation for their amazing Bhangra Performance. Sharing the video, she wrote:

“That was my first time ever in club and it was such a great time and lots of dancing… “


Punjabi Couple doing Bhangra in a club video:

The video is from a club in Chandigarh.

Well, the duo totally nailed it in the video and gave us some new clubbing goals.

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