Amazon Key: New feature of Amazon shocks Ellen Degeneres

Amazon Key allows the delivery person to unlock your door in your absence

Amazon is one of the oldest and most used online shopping portal. As technology changes every day,  Amazon strives hard for advancements in features and to strive in the business and to get the work done with ease for its customers. Market players make upgradations in their technologies and services to bring innovation in order to survive in long term. Amazon’s constant innovations and efficient services makes it the pioneer in the market.

Recently, Amazon announced a new delivery service that grants delivery guy access to your house to deliver a product in your absence. The service is called Amazon Key and it works on Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock.

Here’s how it will work:
  • When the courier will arrive for in-home delivery, the cloud cam scans the barcode.
  • A request is then sent to Amazon’s cloud which then grants permission by sending a message back to the camera, which starts recording.
  • The delivery person gets an alert on his app, clicking on which will unlock your door.
  •  After your parcel is placed inside your home, the door is re-locked with another swipe.

American actress, TV Host, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is shocked to know about this new service of Amazon. She couldn’t believe that this can happen in real.

Her reaction with her witty sense of humor showed us a side of all this that didn’t occur to us earlier.

The in-home delivery service can be availed once a person installs the system at his home. On payment of $249.99, Amazon will send a package consisting of a smart lock, connected camera, and free installation. There will be no additional charges. Moreover, the in-home delivery service will be available for over 10 million items.

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