Dog Trying To Save a Dying Fish Will Melt Your Heart

Dogs are considered to be the most compassionate and loving animals. We often come across videos and pictures on the web which depicts the love of a dog towards his master. However, not just towards their master, they are compassionate towards other living beings as well. We came across a video in which a dog can be seen trying to save a dying fish.

The dog is splashing water towards the fish. The video was taken in Thailand and people are going ‘aww’ after it.

Though people’s hearts are melting over this heart touching video, a section of people are also looking at the logical aspect. Question arises that how does a dog knows that fishes need water to survive. Certain reports suggest that dog wasn’t saving the fish but was instead trying to bury it with water. Experts who have studied animal behavior also say that he was just rubbing his nose. It is said that dogs rub their noses after having their meal. This is because they want to clean their face.

The experts also say that the dogs who are not domesticated have a habit to bury their extra food since they don’t know when would they get their next meal. Sometimes, dog parents would also witness their dog burying its favorite toy. So, maybe the dog in this video was doing the same.

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