Check Out Unexplored Places Near Delhi, Far Away From The Maddening Crowd

Check Out Unexplored and Underrated Tourist Spots of Delhi

Unexplored Delhi


    The name of Delhi crops up contemporary and traditional tourist spots like India Gate, Red Fort, Raj Ghat etc. but many times we are on a look out of Unexplored Places Near Delhi which retain the charm and magic of the old world. The city holds many hidden gems which can be unveiled only by the seekers of unexplored. There are many such offbeat places in Delhi which as a heritage city, Delhi can boast of. Let us explore them here which you can add to your bucket list subsequently during next visit to Delhi through Palace on Wheels.


      Maharaja Agrasen ki Baoli – Built during the Tughlaq period, this ancient wonder traces its origins back to the era of the great king Maharaja Agrasen. The front of the baoli showcases the beautifully designed architecture of the step well which consists of 108 steps, which are divided into three levels. The meticulously crafted steps are visible in this picture which clicked from the end point of the baoli, which has dimensions of 60mx15m. Located on Hailey Road, near Connaught Place in Delhi, this site is undoubtedly a popular name among couples. As you approach the end point of the baoli, you will also find a semi-secretive step well located at the place where the stairs end. The step well is covered from the top, and a small opening leads to a unique view of the well which is adjusted in a very compact space.

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        Hijron ka Khangah – The opening gate of this underrated Islamic monument is a brilliant example of the beauty and excellency of the exquisite Mughal & Persian architecture and design that prevailed in most of North India in the 15th century, the time during which this monument was created under the leadership of Sikander Lodi. The entrance of the premises is made up in the form of a narrow entrance gate which leads to the white marble steps that give way to the pristine white-colored tombs. This pre-Mughal monument of the Lodi period is famous for the tombs of the hijras or eunuchs that were buried during the reign of the Lodi Dynasty. The tombs are white-colored, and these pictures have been clicked artistically from the small terrace that adjoins the graveyard. All this is a testament to the fact that that the eunuchs were a much-respected community at that time. The monument is now owned and maintained by the Hijras of the Turk man Gate, and they also pay visits on religious days to distribute food to the poor and destitute.

        The design of the tombs signifies the level of spiritual importance that has been given to this hidden Sufi cemetery. Further, the hijras of that period were also given religious & powerful positions in the era of the Mughals in the 16th All-in-all, forty-nine hijras were buried beneath the white tombs, and a much larger ornate tomb is built to honor & pay respect to a eunuch named Miyan Saheb. The mixture of the well-balanced & proportionate mix of the Indo-Persian architecture is used for providing a smooth appearance to the monument & it has been well-documented in various books like “Khanqah,” Aparna Das’s “Retreating into the Sufi’s shadow,” etc


        Naini Lake – The well-maintained, wonderfully constructed, and a soothing view for the eyes, The Naini Lake is a one of its kind of tourist spot in Model Town. The lake provides a beautiful and memorable experience as it is a spot that helps the visitors in detaching from the stillness of the concrete jungles in Delhi. It is perfect for couples, old age people & children to come and relax in the evening, as well as morning. The lake is the ideal spot for fishing, chilling with friends, and creating unforgettable experiences for families and couples. The people can visit the Naini Lake by simply taking the yellow line of the metro, and it is at a walking distance away from the metro station. Boating in Naini Lake came under controversy as the Delhi government decided to shut down boating services due to North Delhi Municipal Corporation refusing to co-operate. Whenever you visit Naini Lake, you will find the place crowded with lovebirds (couples), all across the jogging track that acts as a perimeter for the lake. Although this lake is as good as any world-class tourist spot, it still doesn’t get as much visitors as it deserves due to a lack of awareness among the people.

        Due to the sheer class & natural beauty that the lake presents before the viewers, the Delhi Government’s Tourism Corporation has made efforts several times to rejuvenate and revive the river that has often been titled as “dead” by visitors. Also, there has been an emerging concern over the lake off late due to lack of visitors, and we can blame it on the extensive urbanization or lack of awareness among people. The lake has been built with systematic planning and with a lot of investment by planting a wide variety of greenery and vegetation along with different types of trees across the lake. Further, the lake is equipped with an adequate drainage system.


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          Asola Wildlife Sanctuary –The Asola Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area that contains the last surviving remnants of Delhi Ridge Hill. It has a semi-arid forest habitat, dependent wildlife, and is situated near Tughlaqabad. The rutted and uneven track of the sanctuary leads to the water reservoir name Bharadwaj Lake and in between lies a vast and dusty unlicensed village. The government is spending crores on the development of this sanctuary in Faridabad, which has led to the creation of paved roads amidst the forest, but still a lot more needs to be done with practical implementation. The sanctuary is full of eye-planning sites like these and has a lot of untapped potentials as far as water reservoirs are concerned.

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