Nubra Valley:Bactrian Camel Population on rise

Nubra Valley’s Camel Safari: Biggest tourist attraction, has one more reason to celebrate now

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Key Attraction of Nubra Valley, Ladakh

When a travel enthusiast plans Leh trip, one cannot afford to miss key attraction of camel ride in the majestic surroundings of Nubra valley. These are double-humped Bactrian camel (Camelus Bactrianus), a species thriving nowadays in Hunder followed by Sumoor, Diskit and Tigger villages.

Nubra Valley-Famous for Camel Rides on white Sand Dunes

Biologically the only distinctive feature which separates Bactrian camel from its counterpart found in hot deserts is number of humps on its back. To suit the operating environment, evolution of single-humped camels happened from double-humped Bactrian camels, the additional hump vanished in the extreme desert conditions out of suitability. Bactrian camels operate in high altitude, cold desert regions and is known for withstanding extreme cold temperatures that can fall to -40 degrees.

Nubra valley double hump camel ride

In India they are found in Nubra valley of Ladakh region and are the last fragments operated along the Silk route. After the closure of route till 1980s, the population of Double Humped camels had dwindled to approximately less than a dozen. Since they were no longer used as mode of transportation, it was estimated by activists that they will become extinct. But to their surprise, in a report published in Current Science 2012, the National Research Centre on Camel, has reported an increase in the population which has surpassed 200 mark. It is an encouraging pointer towards conservation of rare species of four-footed animals.

Bactrian Camel ride Nubra Valley

The preservation of Bactrian camels is attributed to residents of Hunder village who found that camels can provide a source of livelihood to them. By 2003, with influx of tourists, locals started with desert safaris and their success pattern was followed by other villagers. During peak tourist season which starts somewhere in the month of April and ends in October, a camel owner can earn up to Rs 4,00,000 on an average. The added attraction is white sand dunes for tourists.



  1. Beautiful place I have ever visited in fact whole of Ladakh is an untouched beauty and to be preserved forever from pollution of every type. Local residents are very nice and cooperative. An hilly stony area being built up to covert in pockets of greenery by local resident is appreciable, time is not far away when it shall be like Rajasthsn which was a pure dessert couple of decades back and now the whole state is green. Monasteries are good, best out of all was Hemis. Best location to visit confluences of River Indus and Zanskar. Plantation should be encouraged especially Pipal, which I could found only one tree in Hemis monestry. This plant is best for oxygen generation.

  2. I didn’t get chance to visit Ladakh yet …. But after reading this article I’m looking forward to visit that place and excited for bactrian camel ride.

    1. Yes, you must visit after some precaution you don’t have to worry for even highest altitude, Pangong Lake n Nubra Valley a must to visit for every tourist visiting Leh Ladakh

  3. Am planning a trip to #LehLadakh next year. This article is a great info to kick-start. Will definitely keep #NubraValley with #DoubleHump camel rides on white sand dunes on my interary
    Thanks for sharing ,😊

  4. Many of my relatives and some of my friends have visited #LehLadakh. They have shared their experience in happy-filled tone, and most of them indicated that they would like to go there again. I however, have never gone there, but am seriously planning during next year. I often wonder, India has so much to offer for the tourists in terms of varied habitat, friendly people, comfort and luxury, natural scenes.

    A nicely written article which increases temptation to go #LehLadakh.

  5. A GREAT information about the valley
    by reading this I am feeling to go as soon as possible to this place.Especially the camel ride my kids love to do this it’s so exciting

  6. I have recently visited the #lehladakh and enjoyed its weather and surrounding. Ladakh is an Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It extends from kulun mountain range to great Himalayan . Inhabited by people of Indo Aryan and Tibetan descent. It is the highest plateau of Kashmir valley and most of its land is more than 3000 meters above the sea level.
    Most of the tourist are afraid because of low oxygen content in the air and feels nauseating due to hilly ride. Believe me nothing will be happen wrong if you take few precautions and start your trip early in the morning. Nubra is a triarmed valley with Diskit as it’s capital.
    It is a must visit place. It is known for its orchards, scenic beauty, Bactrian camels and monasteries.

  7. Rashmi,

    Very informative. Didn’t know about this hidden treasure in India. The vivid description and the pictures took me there in my imagination. Great job!!!

    CD (Chayan Dasgupta)

  8. Found unique information about camel ride in Nubra. I never got a chance to go there but this information and pictures gave different feeling about it’s beauty.
    I hope I will make a plan to visit with family in near future.
    Thankyou Rashmi for this article.

  9. Very informative article.I did not get chance to visit ladakh, really very beautiful places .I would like to do camal ride on next trip.

  10. Very informative article.I did not get chance to visit ladakh, really beautiful tourist place.I would like to do camal ride on next trip.

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