Sun, 23:45 PM

The winner has been declared. Deepika Kakkar takes home the trophy of Bigg Boss 12.

Sun, 23:42 PM

Sun, 23:41 PM

Salman is about to declare the winner from the remaining two finalists (Deepika and Sree)

Sun, 23:38 PM

Break goes on. Who are you supporting? Only Deepika and Sree are left now.

Sun, 23:34 PM

Commercial Break going on. Winner to be chosen from Deepika and Sreesanth (Shreepika)

Sun, 23:29 PM

Sree and Deepika’s ‘Bhai Behan ki performance’ is going on.

Sun, 23:27 PM

Salman Khan verified that Deepak Thakur recieved the lowest votes among Sree and Deepika.

Sun, 23:26 PM

Salman will declare winner anytime now between Deepika and Sreesanth.

Sun, 23:24 PM

Deepak Thakur is out of the race of winners and walks out with Rs 20 Lakh in Exit Money.

Sun, 23:23 PM

Only Sree and Deepika are left now.

Sun, 23:22 PM

Deepak Thakur went for Exit Money and is no longer a finalist.

Sun, 23:22 PM

Exit Money Bag contains Rs 20 Lakh.

Sun, 23:20 PM

Salman has offered Exit Money to three Finalists.