Why do we have Random Numbers flashing on our TV Screens

These numbers can be used to track you and find your home address

Random numbers on tv screen

You might have noticed random numbers as shown in the image above flashing on your TV Screen when you are enjoying your favorite TV Show. But did you ever wonder why these numbers are flashed? Or you always thought that it is some kind of broadcasting error? You will be shocked to know that it is not a broadcasting error neither the numbers are random. They play a very specific role in fighting against Piracy. But how?

First thing you need to understand is that these numbers are not random but generated uniquely for every user. These are generated specifically for every subscriber by the DTH set-top box and sometimes by the broadcasting source itself. The reason for these is to prevent subscribers from recording the TV show and then uploading it to the internet. As these numbers are unique for every subscriber, these can help pinpoint the home address of the user who recorded the TV show and then uploaded it on the internet for piracy. Media companies can look up the number in their database that appears on the video that is in question and can track you if it was recorded from your TV screen.

Such numbers are usually flashed randomly in every TV show and their position on the screen is also changed every time so that no one can add a blur effect on a particular position of the screen. This is why such numbers keep appearing on your TV screen. Pretty cool huh!

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