Hyper Casual Games- The new era of mobile gaming

A game is something that pumps excitement, thrill and joy in our brain when we play it or even hear about it. Various researches carried out in the past decade have concluded that games are not as harmful as your parents claim them to be, but are very helpful to develop your brain. Games are proven to improve memory, reading capability, decision making, and increase the brain matter. Games are also proven to decrease anxiety, pain and limit trauma.

The gaming industry knows this fact and so in the last decade, the gaming industry has grown exponentially. Action games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc, strategic games like Chess, adventure games like Mario are still among the most favorites of gamers around the world. Many people dream to create their own games and establish a successful gaming business but are worried about how to start, design, code, etc. A great solution for all game designers is Build Box.

What is Build Box?

Build Box is a software used for creating excellent ‘hyper-casual games’ by game developers, entrepreneurs, etc by simply drag and drop concept. It is one of a kind software which does not demand any coding or scripting knowledge. It is very easy to create games even if you have no experience in anything related to game development.

What are Hyper-Casual Games?

Hyper casual games are lightweight games which are less costly to develop and provide immediate gameplay with addictive graphics and simple to play approach. Hyper-casual games are very addictive and engaging as they are really simple ‘tap to play’ type games which offer high monetization to developers due to ads.

How to create hyper-casual games?

Hyper casual games

Hyper casual games are simple to create but the problem is people don’t know where to get started, design game environment and how to launch the game effectively on play store. To help developers, Trey Smith, founder of Build Box has introduced ‘Crushing Hyper Games’ book.

Crushing Hyper-Casual Games

Crushing Hyper-Casual Games is a unique online book which explains how to create games step by step and guides do’s and dont’s of making a game for Play Store. The book is unique because it is not available on even Amazon and is available only on the website. The book is 110 pages long and broken down into 4 major sections: The Idea, The Build, The Game and The Launch.

The book guides on various topics like how to get great ideas about games, create a game without a single line of code, use of effective demographics, how to get millions of downloads on your game, etc. The hyper-casual games book pdf is currently available for $5.99 here.

About the author, Trey Smith is a well-known mobile game development business owner with total 65,000,000 downloads to his mobile games at play store.

Build-Box requirements and plans!

Build Box runs on both, Mac OS (X 10.9+, 1 GB RAM and at least 200 MB free space) and Windows(7/8/10, 1GB RAM). As of now, there are three plans available worth $15, $25 and $99 plans with a 7-day free trial in each. You can find more details on their official headlines.

What are some great Hyper-Casual games you can enjoy immediately?

If you look at trends, games like the twisty arrow, rise up, and helix jump is among top most played games. Which is your favorite mobile game? Let us know in the comments section.

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