Google Stadia- Netflix for streaming AAA Games online is finally here

google stadia india releaseGoogle announced Stadia yesterday in a live event, an online Gaming streaming platform powered by Google’s Cloud infrastructure that will let users play AAA game titles without any high end hardware. The games will directly run on Google’s Cloud platform which user can stream and play directly from a Chrome browser. In simple words, it will work just like what Netflix do with movies. The announcement was lead by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and followed by Phill Harrison who is Vice President and General Manager for Google. Phill has earlier worked with Sony and Xbox having tons of gaming experience.

The biggest problem regarding streaming games online will be the latency. User will need to have a fast internet connection if they want to stream a 4K game. However, Sundar Pichai claimed that Google’s incredible cloud platform will work seamlessly across different types of internet connection. Also, even in India, Fiber To The Home is now available in almost all cities and town offering around 100mbps connection speed at very affordable prices.

Earlier termed as Project Stream in 2018, Google has achieved 60 frames per second streaming quality for Assassin’s Creed Odessey. Now they are claiming to offer as much 4K streaming without any lags. Users doesn’t have to download and install the game on any device, it will be available instantly to play in just 5 seconds on your Chrome browser. This indeed is a huge lap forward compared to today’s gaming setups.

Watch the full Google Stadia live event below to understand more:

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