Machine Intelligence for Smart Water System

Application of Machine Intelligence for handling Acute Water Scarcity

The freshwater resources have been constantly depleting worldwide and it is forecatsed that several countries will face acute water shortage in coming few years. The alarming situation, also highlighted in a recent United Nations study, “Global Water Crisis:The Facts”, calls for an efficient management of water distribution system in cities and towns. It is really surprising to see that the issue of water management is continuously ignored across, and most of the cry is about water scarcity.

With an increasing interest in Artificial Intelligence based scientific applications, a recent study from “Binhai Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University” in China has suggested a “Smart Water System” which fully exploits the state-of-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. The system provides an Information Management System for collecting, storing, and monitoring of water system related data including water sources (e.g. reservoir) data, pipe network data, customer service data and business data (e.g. billing). The data is processed by an “Artificial Intelligence Engine” to evaluate and optimize specific business operations of water supply system. Research empowered by machine intelligence in the field of smart water distribution system has led to development of data-driven computational prototypes with following features. They are elaborated in the sections below

  • Concurrent tuning of hydraulic models of water distribution networks
  • Uncovering and localization of any leakages/ bursts of pipes
  • Optimum planning of water pumps for distribution of water

Artificial Intelligence Smart Water SystemsOn-line Simulation of Water Network

The Smart Water System offers the functionality of on-line simulation of water distribution network via a real-time calibration of hydraulic models using Artificial Intelligence. The flow, pressure, flow velocity, hydraulic grade, water flow path etc. can be calculated and displayed on the map.


Water Demand Prediction

Artificial-Intelligence-Smart-Water-SystemsThe Smart Water System provides a water demand forecast which is of great significance in making future water supply plans and decision-making for the operation and optimization of water pumping stations.




Operational Optimization

An optimization of water supply operations, aiming at the reduction of energy cost in supplying water, is achieved via suitably allocating the water supply to different water plants and optimally running the different water pumps.

Artificial Intelligence Smart Water SystemsArtificial Intelligence Smart Water Systems

Leakage/Pipe-Burst Detection and Localization

Water loss through pipe-leakages especially pipe-bursts constitutes a major challenge to the operational service of water utilities and cause huge financial losses. The system not only automatically detects any leakages/pipe-bursts/other-abnormalities in water supply system, but also predicts and displays on the water network map the position where the abnormal event has occurred.

Artificial Intelligence Smart Water SystemsArtificial Intelligence Smart Water Systems

Pressure and Flow Sensors Placement Optimization

The computational modeling and analysis of water distribution network rely on the data of sensors whose location has an influence on the accuracy. The system automatically calculates the best deployment position of the sensors through a sensitivity-analysis.





For detailed insight on Application of Improved Least Squares Support Vector Machine in the Forecast of Daily Water Consumption follow the hyperlink and contact the author M. Kumar.

We need to learn to focus on Water Management ! We need to learn it fast as our generation is staring at doomsday

Smart Water Systems AI 
    Smart Water Systems AI 
       Smart Water Systems AI 
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        1. An excellent example of the use of ML in a very critical sector which affects the human life on this planet. Congratulations to Prof. Kumar!

        2. Good read! It’s worry some to know the facts of depletion of natural sources… this kind of work is very interesting and brings hope for this generation…

        3. One of the rare examples where Artificial intelligence could play a pivotal role in managing and protecting planet’s natural resources. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

        4. AI is taking us from Corrective to Predictive mode. Only option left now is to save Natural Resources by Predicting the Wastage. Such Innovative techniques must be implemented globally. Time is running out for us & “a stitch in time saves nine”.

        5. Great work.Valuable and informative blog on artificial intelligence.It’s applications and implementations are surely an asset for the next generation. Many Thanks for sharing.

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