Android launched WhatsApp Web like interface for its SMS App

Google is among the world’s largest technology companies and is constantly experimenting with its products, especially after Sundar Pichai took over as the companies CEO. Before Sundar became the CEO when Google was the default search engine of Windows systems, Sundar Pichai had sensed that Microsoft was trying to overtake Google with its own search engine, Bing. Sundar started working on Google Chrome, Google’s own browser which is now ahead of its competitors.

Now Google is trying to compete with Mark Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp Web messaging service by introducing Android Messages for Web, its own messaging service with many features.

Android Messages allows users to send messages from a web browser of their PC. After downloading the ‘latest’ version of the app, a user can access all their messages and conversations on their personal computer.

Like WhatsApp Web, the user opens Android’s web platform and a QR code is displayed after which the user has to scan it from their own mobile phone.

Android SMS web portal

Talking about the UI, the contact list is displayed on the left side and the conversation section is on the left, which is similar to WhatsApp Web.

The messaging app currently allows users to send emojis, stickers and images. However, a new user cannot share video, audio and text-read MS Word and PDF files in the Android Messages for Web.

The app version for phone allows predictive typing with the help of advanced artificial intelligence but this feature is not currently available for the web version of the messaging app.

Like WhatsApp, Android Messages allows making a call but the difference here is that calls via WhatsApp are a route through the Internet, while calls made via Google’s app are directed through the GSM network.

The application currently enjoys a rating of 4.3 with more than 100 Million Downloads and 7 Lakh+ reviews. Users can download the app from here.

Google is slowly improving its messaging service but it will still take much more time to compete directly with WhatsApp as many features are missing from the Google’s messaging app.

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