Technology with AngularJS- A boost in tech world

Developed by Google and managed by a developer community, the most widespread JavaScript MVC framework is AngularJS, which is widely used to build structured and easily testable front-end applications. It overcomes all the challenges in the single page application development and offers a robust front-end application. Unlike another JavaScript MVC framework, it is more flexible regarding the server communication and let the developers work with any server-side technology, with its API integration.

Application developed using AngularJS are lightweight and mobile responsive. Applications of AngularJS support all the browsers and are highly scalable. They are easy to manage and it can be integrated with third party APIs to enhance the features. The performance of single page applications is better than other MVC frameworks.It has exploded this technology driven world in popularity, virtually overtaking other frameworks such as, Ember, Backbone, etc. AngularJS provides some fantastic capabilities which are out of the box type, and easier to maintain. One can build website faster, easier, and better while helping companies to maximize customers benefit and satisfaction. AngularJS developers use open source technology with JavaScript to achieve robustness and scalability in application. They have to follow standard coding structure and coding features for each application and do multiple testing before launch.  Some of the benefits of using AngularJS framework includes: very easy binding of data, time-saving, easy to learn, structures and easy set of UIs, open source, less work stress, built-in templates. Some live examples, areas of popular applications that use AngularJS framework:

  • Video Streaming- Like, YouTube- an incredible platform for uploading and streaming videos. YouTube for Sony PS3 is developed using AngularJS. Another prime example of a video streaming app is
  • User-Reviews- Customers are now extremely interested in reading reviews about a product or service before actually buying it. AngularJS proficiently supports such applications.
  • Weather – is one of the most famous weather forecasting applications in the world.
  • User Generated Content- platform built using AngularJS for employers to post their projects and interested candidates to present their profiles for that.
  • eCommerce- Various popular eCommerce sites have been developed with AngularJS.
  • Social Apps- LinkedIn is one of the users of AngularJs for their all mobile end users.

Development field in IT of websites and applications is using angular framework. For developing dynamic, simple, secure, and effective applications and sites, many companies hire angularjs developer by following various approaches or tests that includes MCQs, and some coding problems, that they organise over a number of platforms available and post their test and then get then reports after developers takes the test and the skilled developers are selected by companies for further processes according to their performance. When it comes to knowingwhat are the challenges organization face while hiring angularjs developer, then there is one main challenge every organization faces which is while hiring an AngularJS developer, who is get contacted at least 3 to 5 times a day with job offers, saying how amazing his profile look for that or this company.For facing this challenge, an organization focuses on approaching the candidates, like there’s an actual person behind the developer – they tend to forget that. They ask about their days, be friendly and honest, and always end with a question.The company might not get a “yes”, but a good first impression will always leave the door open for a second contact or may be a reference. Explain the facts like, what is the company stack, how the team are organized, what would be their set up, etc.If one is in the practice with programming then this framework must be there in his skillset because of rapid changes in the business environment which demands the investors and managers to take a proactive method to meet the current market needs. Career in IT development, where roles can be a web developer, JavaScript developer, web app developer, UI developer, front end developer, etc. using angularjs is bright and will give a perfect direction to the career.

As technology advances with innovative ideas, customer demands also changes. These days users want more sophisticated UI/UX designs – they not only care about the information but also how it is being served. That is the reason why companies need to improve upon their work served, to provide greater customer satisfaction. Moreover, this will assure a hike in their sales and allows for greater returns on marketing investments. Because of the various features provided by AngularJS, it quickly became one of the main option or choice of web developers. By this fast-growing AngularJS framework that offers the resources for creating highly professional websites, it is more commonly used, and famous and top-rated websites are trusting AngularJS development firms to create professional, easy to use and intuitive internet websites. The percentage of sites using AngularJS is continuously growing; also, it is the first among its competitors that are used by high traffic sites.  Thus, hiring an Angularjs developer will help the firms to create superior design and new generation websites. And, if the firm is already using MIT licensing for their website, it will permit them to reuse within the proprietary software, allowing developers a lot of freedom with the code because angularjs uses MIT license.

Also,businesses should consider AngularJS Development because of-

  • Interactive, dynamic& custom AngularJS development for multiple devices.
  • Simple, clean, and most modern web applications by angularjs.
  • Expert developers work according to the planned strategies.
  • Best solutions on offer for low prices.
  • Portal, e-commerce, and responsive web development.
  • Provides informative support for business development.
  • Effective and Real-time updates at low prices

It is a perfect choice for those who want to build up their career in web app development. If one is in development field and looking for a future in it then definitely AngularJS is the framework he should learn. Wide range of big and small IT firms also highly recommend AngularJS for their future projects. Therefore,AngularJS developers get a lot of opportunities to enhance their career in this AngularJS development.

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