CBSE offers help to Kerala students who lost their certificates in flood

CBSE announced to come forward with help for the students whose certificates have been lost in the Kerala flood. Central…

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LIC to settle claims of Kerala flood victims without death certificate formality

The Indian Maharatna company, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has issued a new directive for its field agents and…

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Warned Kerala in advance about the crisis multiple times: Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu on Friday submitted a counter- affidavit in Supreme Court mentioning that it had warned Kerala and that too…

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Never made any financial support offer for Kerala Floods: UAE

UAE’s Ambassador to India Ahmed Albannam clarified on Friday that his government has not made any financial assistance offer to…

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Kerala Rescue Op: Watch Navy helicopters rescuing child from rooftop

Kerala is suffering from worst floods in the recent years which has caused massive damage to the entire state both…

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PM Modi reaches Kerala for aerial survey of the situation: Announces Rs 500 crore for help

Kerala; the God’s own country is witnessing floods crisis since two and a half months. The locals are affected badly…

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केरल बाढ़ पीड़ितों की मद्द के लिए आगे आए नर्स लिनि के पति, अपनी सैलरी की दान

केरल में  बाढ़ से हालत बेकाबू होते जा रही हैं जिससे कई लोगों के आशियााने उजड़ गए हैं तो कई…

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Kerala facing heavy floods and landslides- Airports currently closed

On Friday there were floods gushing in Kochi, Kerala’s Ernakulam district. The Idukki reservoir was opened and the water level…

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केरला में बारी बारिश से मची हाहाकार, तेज़ पानी से सड़क के हुए दो हिस्से, देखें ये वायरल विडियो

तिरुवनंतपुरम: केरल में बीते बुधवार से हो रही लगातार बारिश के चलते इडुक्की जिले और उत्तरी हिस्से में कई जगह हाहाकार…

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