#WowMomo – Never Go Hungry with Wow! Momo (Startup)

Best Momos at Best Prices from Wow Momo!


India’s 1st Major Chain of Branded Momos- Wow!MomoWow! Momo

True to its name – Wow! Momo has played with the taste buds of momo lovers of country, enchanting them with 12 different mouth-watering flavors. The team of Wow Momo appealed to basic requirements of a foodie – perfect blend of taste, health, and flavors, relishing all of it at one go. Over a period of eight years, entrepreneurs and visionaries of Wow Momo, have expanded by leaps and bounds poised to be the largest chain of momo across the country! Wow! Momo, another success story in making, got conceptualized in a garage like many of trendsetters of the world and expanded to 130 outlets in 9 different cities.


Wow Momo MenuWow! Momo includes 12 different flavors of momos available in the traditionally steamed format with variations in fried & pan fried formats customized in white & brown flour variants. It served its vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers with relishing, mouth-watering flavors of Momos, constantly evolving them. For vegetarians, the varieties being offered include corn and cheese, and for non-vegetarians, varieties include chicken and cheese, schezwan, and prawn. Steamed momo is the original available in market everywhere, but Wow Momo MenuWow! Momo came up with an Indianised pan-fried version which experimented with different sauces spicy/sweet/sour catering to taste buds of Indians. Deep fried and Pan Fried momos were launched to make a snack into a meal. Another cue the Wow ! Momo team picked was MoBurg in which fried momos were stuffed inside burger buns and served with sauces like Red/Green Chutney and Mayonnaise. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Wow ! Menu played market disruptors, achieving major breakthroughs in launching new varieties of Sizzler Momos, MoBurg (Momo+Burgers), Tandoori Momos, and Baked Momo Au’gratin. But experimenting with variations in momos didn’t end here, the Wow! Menu team came up with a unique idea for dessert, in line with their business – ‘Chocolate momo’. #MomoLove #LoveForFood #FoodForFoodies #MomoMania

wow-momo-menu wow-momo-menu

Wow Momo’s Magic Recipe “Never Go Hungry when a Wow! Branch is nearby!” – An Idea executed effectively!

Trendsetters in the fastest growing food chain in India, Wow! Momo has spread its wings to Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai & Kochi and planning take the venture abroad. Momos packed in burgers, bowl of Tibetan thukpas, Fish Fingers and anything you can imagine catering to the demands of the market are being served by Wow! Momo at reasonable prices with a focus on quality. The biggest differentiator from its competitors is its ability to satisfy repeat customers for the love of momos #MomoLove #LoveForFood #MomoMania. 

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