Pesto Tech – An Edtech Startup giving Wings to India’s S/W Engineering talent!

Pesto Tech - A No Brake Accelerator for India's S/W Engineering talent!

Job opportunities for Engineers do not match with the mushrooming Engineering Colleges in India and the figures suggested by studies confirm the same. As per HRD ministry, approximately 1.5 million students become engineers every year but only 52% gain employment. The percentage of engineers who could compete in the core development jobs was very dismal. The main reason behind the low performance is the engineers produced by Tier II and III engineering colleges. The lesser exposure has resulted in skill mismatch with the advanced programming skill set requirements of today’s global product development or R&D companies.


Edtech startup, Pesto Tech – Path Breakers for Silicon Valley Careers via full-time remote jobs!

With the job market plummeting as the years’ passed, Ayush Jaiswal in collaboration with Andrew Linfoot came up with the unique idea of Pesto, a career accelerator for Indian engineers to make them Silicon Valley ready.  Pesto bootcamp program is designed to run for 12 weeks for software engineers who have at least 2 years of industry experience. The concept of Pesto has given wings to the dreams of talents coming out from Tier II and III towns empowering them to compete with highly rated software engineers from not only Tier I colleges in India but across the world.


Pesto Tech – A Life Changing Career Move!

Pesto curriculum starts with the pre-induction process wherein the candidate is to undergo the screening of software engineering fundamentals, English communication skills and aptitude of a go-getter. The engineer has to undergo cultural round and general awareness before he is shortlisted for the program. Interested candidates can apply on the site of Pesto Tech.

Post induction, a training period of 12 weeks is planned which specifically includes mentoring by US-based engineering mentors who also work on the soft skills and cultural aspects. The software engineering best practices curriculum is designed to suit the Indian audience.

On completion of training, handholding exercise is done by the placement team of Pesto Tech. The services include getting referrals to top Silicon Valley startups and extending help for writing resumes/assistance in facing interviews/salary negotiation.

Post-hiring the trained software engineer has to sign a bond of paying training fee amounting to 17% (no hidden charges) of their annual income for three years every month. Please note that when a candidate joins he does not pay any training fee. Also, the clause of 17% deduction is only for those who are earning more than 15 Lakhs p.a.

Pesto team also ensures that the onboarding process is as much seamless for all the stakeholders for the entire period of stay! But the ride has not been smooth for Pesto team when they ventured out in the EduTech space. Termed as scams, it became difficult for them to fill a batch of 25 students at their launch. But as their credibility increased and with more students finding reliable jobs, the response to the programs has been encouraging. For a batch of 25 students, the Pesto Team is receiving 10,000 applications.

Pesto Tech is slowly emerging as a key player in EduTech industry which is still growing in India and it is hoped that they will be key enablers in fixing the gaps in the education system!

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