Star Health Insurance claim form download pdf now

star health claim form

Of all the compromises that you have made in life or you are possibly going to make in future, one thing always gets excluded by default from your compromises’ list i.e. your health. Because we all know, when it comes to your health, there should be no compromises. And that’s exactly is the motto of the Star Health Insurance.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd, with more than 400 offices and 8500+ hospitals across India, becomes the first private self-contained Indian insurance company. The company’s headquarters has been set up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and it has been active since 2006. The company mainly focuses on Health Insurance, Travel Insurance and Accident policies. Their website is very user-friendly and to suit their customer’s needs and requirements, they keep on revising and modifying their policies and have everything available online.

Why Star Health Insurance?

With so many insurance companies around, the reasons why Star Health Insurance seems to be better are:

  1. It’s hassle-free and customer friendly, with the largest hospital network of 8500+ hospitals.
  2. Their health insurance policy covers for both, Individuals and family that too for in-patient and out-patient treatments. Hence, cover your entire family under a single premium.
  3. Affordable premium starting at 15,000/- with easy EMI options available as well.
  4. A health insurance plan with a fixed sum insured, for both individuals and families. Provides benefits like Hospital Cash, Patient care and newborn Baby cover with an additional premium.
  5. Their Star Senior Citizen policy which perfectly suits for persons aged between 60 – 74 years ensures peace and security even after retirement.
  6. Star Super surplus goes beyond basic plans to provide you a wider coverage, with a very nominal premium, with fixed sum Insured of 7 Lakhs and 10 Lakhs. For providing you higher coverage, this can be optionally added to selected policies.

Star Health Claim Form/Star Health Insurance Claim Form

  1. Star Health provides you with Health Insurance, Travel Insurance and Accident policies, you may visit the links and see the various plans they have and what suits you better.
  2. Star Health Claims’ Services is a customer-friendly process which ensures that all settlements are just and timely. Courtesy, attention, speed and efficiency are what they are known for. They value customer feedback and work hard to meet and exceed their expectations.
  3. All the information about Star health Insurance claim, about Claim Process, Claim Intimation to Claim status, you can check it here.
  4. Star health and Allied Insurance claim form is divided into two parts, PART A, which can be filled at home and PART B, which specifically has to be filled at the hospital as you may require guidance.
  5. To download the complete Star Health Insurance Claim form/ Star Health and Allied Insurance claim form, click here.
  6. If you’re already involved with Star Health Insurance, here is the link to Renewal of the policies. Again, the renewal process is easy as it’s also online.


star health claim form

star health insurance claim form
star health claim form download
star health and allied insurance claim form
claim form star health

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