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Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Leaked ahead of India Release on 4th July

Story Highlights
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home To be Released on Thursday, 4th July in India
  • Important spoilers leaked on Reddit, Torrent
  • Cam-recorded versions available on piracy sites

3 more days to go for India release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the movie has been leaked online. The cam-corded version is available on Torrent sites, 4chan, Reddit and other networks that encourage piracy. Low-quality versions of the full movie have found their way on these sites.

The first one which got uploaded was of file size less than 1GB and the other two were less than 2.5GB. The recorded duration of the pirated movie is 1 hour 54 minutes which is 15  minutes less than the original version. The last two uploaded had Chinese subtitles. One of the last two versions has sponsored ads from 1xBET, a Russia-based online betting company. It was @4pm IST, on Sunday, 30th June, the first pirated version made its way online. These leaks are critical movie plot spoilers and appeared just after the early screenings for critics last week. TheTelescope condemn the acts of piracy!

Spider-Man: Far From Home” has found a final release date in India – Thursday, 4th of July. Keeping in mind “Spider-Man is the most loved superhero in India,” Sony Pictures Entertainment has pushed the release date by one day. The Spider-Man film got released in China, Hong Kong, and Japan on Friday, 28th June. The US, the UK, and several other countries will see the movie in theaters on Tuesday, 2nd July. India Release will be the last.

The quality of pirated “Spider-Man: Far From Home” lacks the basic parameters of good viewing like missing focus, sharpness, contrast and color. The audio quality is also not up to the mark making the viewing on devices a terrible experience. It is expected that the video and audio quality of the movie will not be up to the mark because it looks to be recorded on handheld devices.

As of now pirated movie surfacing online will not affect “Spider-Man: Far From Home” box office earnings. It has raked in an estimated $111 million in the opening weekend in Japan and China. This week will see launch happening in the UK and the US on Monday, Wednesday in France and South Africa, and Thursday in India, Australia, Germany, Russia, and the UAE among several other regions. The movie is expected to do roaring business and be one of the highest-grossing films. It is released post the massive glowing success of Avengers Endgame.

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