Soil Health Card Scheme

Soil Health cardSoil Health Card Scheme is a programme launched by the Government of India under the governance of our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It aims at promoting soil test for the balanced use of fertilizers which will help the farmers in getting higher yields at lower costs. Another objective of the scheme is to make the farmers aware of the appropriate amount of nutrients in the soil for the concerned crop.

It was launched on 19 February 2015 and is running successfully for three years. Under this scheme, the government issue soil cards to farmers. It carries crop wide recommendations of nutrients and fertilizers required in the soil for growing a particular crop. The soil samples are tested in several soil labs located across the country. The experts analyze the soil to know the strengths and weaknesses of the soil and also suggest the measures to improve it.   The soil health card shows the results and suggestions. As per the statistics of July 2015, a total of 34 lakh soil cards were issued to farmers. At that time, not a single card was issued to farmers in the state of West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Haryana, Gujarat, Kerala, Mizoram, Sikkim, Tamil Nade, and Uttarakhand. Later in 2016, the scheme was expanded and the number grew to 1.12 crore by February. 81 lakh soil samples were collected in total. As per the data on 16 May 2017, the soil health cards have been distributed to about 725 lakhs. The government allocated a budget of Rs 568 crores for this scheme.

Soil Health Card Registration:

The internal users can register and do the soil health card login to the official website by clicking here. 

1- Select your state.

2- To register as a new user, click here. 

3- The internal users will have to fill in the organization details, personal details, and user login account details.

4- Click on Submit when done.

5- Click here to login later.

Soil Health Card Ministry Of Agriculture:

The scheme comes under the Ministry of Agriculture. It also provides an option to the farmers to track their sample. Framers can track their soil sample by clicking here. They need to provide information including State, Sub-district, Farmer Name, Sample Number, District, Village, and Village Grid number. Click on Search when all information is filled.

The Soil Health Card can be printed online by clicking here. 

The soil testing Laboratories can be located by visiting the official website and searching by providing details of your state and district. Click here to know. You will get the full report and can also locate on the map.

The scheme is completely transparent and anyone can know the progress report of the scheme by visiting its official website. It provides the data of samples collected, samples tested, soil health cards printed and the soil health cards dispatched. One can also read the reports of Funds released and Letters by clicking here. 

Check the scheme progress by clicking on Soil Health Card PDF. 

The helpdesk email is [email protected]  

To know the contact list of DAC & FW and ICAR officers and NIC and State Nodal officers, Click here.

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