Jopasu Car Duster Review- How to wash Jopasu Car Duster with instructions

Jopasu Car dusterCars are a symbol of pride in any country for anyone. Be it a small car or big one, cars have become a valuable asset in people’s life. Cars have now also become a status symbol. In this time, it is essential to keep your car clean all the time as it shows how you are in valuing things you have. The poorly cleaned car will make a wrong impression to the people around you, but a well-cleaned vehicle will make a significant impact.

Now, you might be wondering how can I clean my car so thoroughly that people love it, and most importantly Iove my car more myself. A great answer here will be Jopasu Car Duster.

Jopasu Car Duster is a well-known car duster which uses 100% wax-treated cotton strands. As wax-treated cotton strands are used, a car can be cleaned in merely five minutes without a scratch on the car’s surface.

The heavy-duty mop-head helps clean it in a way that you may not need to use water that often thus it is a water-saver product. Read furthermore to know about this car duster.

What are characteristics of Jopasu Car Duster?

Unique wax-treated cotton strands make sure that it does not scratch the car’s surface. The car duster lasts for years, that is, the dirtier it gets, the better it works.

It is reusable by washing and spraying Duster Rejuvenator (process explained later). The duster is also very lightweight and easy to use.

What are the key features of this product?

With this duster, the dust is lifted and removed, not just pushed around. It can be used for home and office furniture too. Since brushing is done very well, it reduces the number of washes.

Once you use this duster, you don’t need to use water often to wash the car. Thus, this duster is a water saver product.

How to use the Duster?

1. Shake the Duster vigorously before and after use.
2. Wipe the car’s surface from top to down.
3. Do NOT use the Duster on a wet surface.


The users must note that washing is recommended only when the Duster stops picking up dust. When not in use, always keep the duster inside its bag.

How to wash Jopasu car duster

No need to wash it until this does not absorb the dry dirt. Don’t use any chemicals to wash it. Just soak it in water for an hour or two. Then dry it. Don’t put it in sunlight to dry. Because sunlight and chemicals used to wash can damage the material used in this duster.

Where can you buy the car duster?

You can buy it from Amazon. It is priced Rs. 714.

Information about the Company

Jopasu is a company that manufactures world class car care products in India.

To maintain the excellent quality with no bearing on pricing to Customer, JOPASU made its way to Manufacturing in India. Now when you pick any product of JOPASU, it says “Proudly Made in India”.

What are additional products by the company?

The company provides external care products like cleaners, dressings, painted surface care, paints and coatings. It also offers inner car care products like cleaners, plastic care, and leather care.

Customer Care

The customer care details are as follows:

[email protected]
[email protected]

+91 880 666 4540/56
+91 (0)20 6400 6333

Maitree, S. No. 78/1,
Shivane Industrial Area,
Shivane, Pune – 411023,
Maharashtra (India)

You can also contact them on their official website forum.

We hope that this article about Jopasu Car Duster was helpful to you. Stay tuned to The Telescope for the latest updates on trending topics.

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