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Christmas tree india amazonChristmas tree holds a special significance in the celebrations of yearly Christian festival Christmas. The evergreen fir tree is generally used to celebrate the festival after it is beautifully decorated. The custom originated in medieval Livonia and in early modern Germany where protestant Germans brought decorated trees at their homes. Traditionally, it was decorated with artificial roses made of colored paper, apples, sweetmeats, wafers, and tinsel. Later, candles were also used to add light to the tree, and after electrification, candles were replaced with Christmas lights.

The Christmas tree signifies hope, rebirth, loyalty, healing, reverence, protection, permanence, faithfulness, and longevity. Andy Rooney has said, “The Christmas tree is a symbol of love. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.”

The Christmas decorations begin a month before 25 December. Some people in America and Canada put up a Christmas tree a week before the American Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday of November). Nowadays, many retail stores are decorated for Christmas right after Haloween. The tree is removed after Twelfth Night that is 5th of January.

Christmas Decorations India:

Christmas is also celebrated in India since it is a secular country with a considerable percentage of Christians residing in the country. Not even Christians specifically, the festival is celebrated by people of other religions as well. Probably that is the beauty of India. The retail store, offices, etc are decorated weeks before Christmas Day. And the decorations give us perfect winter vibes. On 25 December, there is a holiday in schools, colleges, and certain offices too. Christmas decorations at home in India are done beautifully and people gather to share love, have meals together and enjoy dance and music.

Christmas tree India:

People put up beautiful Christmas trees of in their houses or work area. The trees are available in different sizes to cater to everybody’s needs. Based on size and quality, the Christmas tree price in India varies. The artificial Christmas trees can be bought online on various e-commerce websites. Christmas tree on Amazon India is available at a discounted price.

Christmas Tree Amazon India:

If you are looking for beautiful Christmas trees, you can order them on Amazon to get the best deals. Check out:

The 6ft artificial Christmas Pine tree has an MRP of Rs 4,999. However, Amazon is currently selling it at 56% off at a price of Rs 2,200. (Prices may vary every day). It comes with a sturdy metal stand to keep the tree stable. It weighs 3.51 kg. Click here to view the product on Amazon.

If you are low on budget, check out this 4ft Christmas tree available at just Rs 430. Check out the product. 

This 3ft Christmas tree comes with 54 pcs Christmas decorations. It also comes with a plastic stand to keep it stable. However, the packing of the tree will be compact and you will have to adjust the branches to make it proper. The 54 pcs Decoration items includes balls, bells, Santa Claus hanging, drums, gifts, stars, candy sticks.

Amazon has a wide variety of Christmas trees. To view the wide range of products on Amazon, click Christmas Tree Buy Online India. 

Christmas Tree Decoration Items Online India:

After you have purchased a beautiful Christmas tree, you need to decorate it with bells, lights, etc. Nowadays, you can easily find attractive items to decorate the tree. Several shopping websites provide a wide range of decorative items at reasonable prices.

Christmas Decorations Amazon India:

1- Christmas Lights:

These snowball 20LED Christmas Lights are approx 4 meters long. These lights are waterproof and will add beauty to your Christmas tree. Click here to view the product on Amazon.

The 16 LED Moroccan Balls string lights are 4 meters long. Click here to buy.

These beautiful snowflakes shaped LED lights are available in 3m, 6m, and 10m length. Click here to view the item on Amazon.

2- Other decorative items:

This Christmas tree decoration set has 70 pcs of decorative items including balls, bells, gifts, drums, stars, candy sticks, and Santa Claus. Click here to view the Christmas Tree Ornaments India.

Amazon has a wide variety of Christmas tree decoration items. To view the wide range of products on Amazon, click Christmas Decorations Buy Online India.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas India:

There are plenty of ways to make your Christmas tree look beautiful. Here are some ideas:

1- Traditional Red and Green: If you want to keep it traditional and classic decorate the tree with a Christmas colored garland.

image source

2- Black and White:  Use black and white decorative items. Choose the white warm lights, rustic signage, and wooden snowflakes.

image source

3- Fluffy Feathers:  Decorate with white flowers and fluffy feathers tucked between the branches of the tree. This will make the tree look full without any empty spaces.

image source

4- Keep it colorful:  Add colors to your Christmas tree by using colorful florals. You can either try a Christmas array or just stick to 2-3 colors.

image source

5- Style in Pink:  Decorate the tree with raspberry ribbon along with gold trimmings and soft pink petals. Your tree will look rich.

image source

6- Add layers of snow:  Use the snow-covered decorations and metallic baubles.

image source

Christmas Card Online India:

People exchange Christmas Cards on the occasion and spread the love. You can order beautiful cards online and give to your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Check out some.

This beautiful card is available on Archies website. You can order it for just Rs 60. Click here to buy.

This beautiful Archies card is priced at Rs 99. Click here to buy.

Get this one for Rs 99 by clicking here. 

To check out more beautiful Christmas Cards from Archies, click Christmas Card India

You can also find a good collection on Amazon as well.

Christmas Carols India:

The festival is all about delicacies, gifts, and music. And by music, it means the Christmas Carols that basically revolve around Santa Claus and Christmas Bells. Therefore, on the occasion, we have given some links to beautiful Christmas Carols that you can play to get the festive feels.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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