A Buying Guide for Best Water Purifier in India!

ro water purifierIrrespective of the caste, color, creed, gender, political ideologies or even resident of the animal kingdom, survival is dependent on the elementary need of “Water”. Clean and safe water will always be the need of the hour and worth investing time and money. Why installing a Best Water Purifier has become most sought after appliance in the kitchen? Is the water you are consuming making you sick? The scientific reason behind it is the chemical property of water. Due to its solvent nature, water dissolves pollutants, viruses, bacteria, harmful microorganisms and chemicals too which if consumed pose danger to the health.
Do you know the health benefits associated with drinking purified waterThose who are staying in metropolitans, A and B grade cities are very much aware of the necessity of clean and healthy drinking water. This is because there is a steady increase in the frequency of water-borne diseases over the years reported from these diseases with children affected the most.

With the increasing pollution affecting food and water that we intake, it has become imperative to take preventive measures than being sorry. Water being the vital source of a healthy life, it needs to be clean and filtrated so as to ensure a long and disease free life. One should thank the RO Water Purifier which ensures safe health of the family.

But the question arises which is the Best Water Purifier in India and which will serve our needs and the required standards? You can find many such companies both trusted brands and local manufacturers who are offering their “best water purifier” services. With the increasing awareness about the necessity of clean water, one is ready to shell out extra money but not at the cost of quality. The search for best water purifier ends when it is practically efficient in removing the harmful contaminants from water, is built to last and offers good value for money.
Tips for buying the best water purifier!
When the search for a potential “water purifier” starts, you look for answers to some pertinent questions like:
  • Out of the prevalent technologies RO / (RO+UV) / (RO+UV+UF) / (RO+MF) which water purifier should I buy?
  • What essential features should I focus on when buying a water purifier?
  • What should be the ideal capacity of water purifier which I should I opt for?
  • Should I go for a branded product?
  • If yes, which brand because I have heard that brands try to maximize their profits by manufacturing poorly built products
  • Which product should I opt for as the market is flooded with them which will excellent water purification capability and long term reliability?
  • If the water supply is hard water which best water purifier should I opt for!
  • What basic checks should I carry out like the nature of the water supply-boring or municipal corporation?
  • Should I also test the type of minerals in the water?
  • If my water supply is loaded with arsenic, fluoride and some heavy metals, lead, asbestos and pathogens such as bacteria, virus, etc.which is the ideal water purifier?
  • If water contamination level is high, in that case, which is the best RO water purifier?
Tips to Buy Water Purifier
  • UV Purifier – for soft water
  • Best RO Water Purifier – For hard water/minerals/contaminated
  • RO+UV/UF Water Purifier – Hard + Highly contaminated water
  • RO Water Purifier – For Hard + Medium contaminated water
Features of Best Water Purifier
  • Maintains TDS in water between 100 – 500
  • Level of Dissolved impurities in water (Physical and Chemical)
  • High-grade RO membrane
  • Standard pump motor
Ideal size of Water Purifier
  • 5litre capacity water storage tank for an ideal family of 4
  • 5-10litre capacity water storage tank for a joint family having more than 4

Best Water Purifier in India – Updated List of 2019

Some level of groundwork has been done for readers so that they can choose amongst the Best Water Purifiers in India on the basis of their budget and requirements. These best-selling RO water purifiers on listed on Amazon too which offer good discounts from time to time in the category of Home and Kitchen Appliances. You can also find out a few best water purifier under 10000 on Amazon after discounts!

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