UPDATED LIST- Best Inverter ACs under Rs.30,000 in India that you should buy

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Summer season is approaching and most of us will start looking for the right fit AC in terms of electric units consumption and our pockets. Buying an AC is not easy, bit tricky though since there are a number of factors that contribute towards its shortlisting. Some of the parameters that come into consideration are whether you need window mounted, portable and split air conditioners, how much capacity you need depending upon the room size, how much power consumption you can tolerate, the rating of ac and additional features the company is offering.

Top 10 ACs under 30000 in India

Multiple options are nowadays available in the market for ACs under Rs 30000 and it has become all the more competitive with the entry of new brands for eg Midea, Marq (by Flipkart) which are offering to its customers’ great value for money and addressing their pain areas. But the top spot is still occupied by manufacturers like Daikin, Hitachi, Carrier, Voltas, Samsung, LG to name a few but of course with the brand name comes the additional cost!

  • Pros of Inverter AC
  • Efficient-Saving
  • Economic to Run
  • More Comfort
  • No stabilizer required
  • Better Cooling
  • Cons of Inverter AC
  • Little expensive than normal AC
  • Very much in demand so mostly remains out of stock
  • Good deals are hard to find
  • Usually comes with less discount
  • How to decide
  • Inverter AC will give savings in the longer run
  • Less electricity bill expected for the same usage
  • One time investment is required

Let us delve deeper into what possible options we have on board!

best inverter ac under 30000

The very first step is for you to decide whether your requirement is for a Window mounted AC, portable AC or split unit. Preference nowadays is always Split Air-conditioner because it makes minimal noise, cooling of the room is faster, reliable and more sturdy in terms of material used. With a budget of Rs30,000 in hand, split ACs with work the best!

Top 10 ACs under 30000 in India

The second step is to decide the capacity you are looking for. For average Indian room sizes, 1ton, 1,2 ton and 1.5-ton ACs work the best. You can check out the adjoining figure and shortlist on the basis of your room size. The size of AC plays an important role because an oversize will cost you more in terms of AC cost and electricity consumption and an undersized ac will not cool the room up to your satisfaction.

The next factor which helps in shortlisting ACs under Rs.30,000 is power consumption by the model that the company promises. As per the regulations, ACs which have higher star ratings will consume less power, be energy efficient and pinch you less when paying the electricity bill. But in turn higher rating ACs will be more costly.

Another important factor which cannot be given a miss is Inverter Technology support or a Smart AC.

Look out for features like which will come handy when using ACs like Anti-Bacterial Filter, Material of Condenser Coil preferably good density Copper, Sleep Mode and Auto-Clean Function and of course the warranty and customer support.

We have updated our list as most of the Split Inverter AC’s that were listed here with a price tag of Rs 30,000 went out of stock on Amazon. Make sure that you are subscribed to our Email newsletter to receive updates about more deals on AC’s.
Now let us have a look at the Best Inverter ACs under Rs.30000 in India

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