Rahul Gandhi Rape Case- What Is The True Story Behind Allegations?

rahul gandhi rape caseCongress President Rahul Gandhi holds a prominent position in Indian politics. He is currently prepping up for the 2019 elections. People who keep up with the news know that there was once a rape case against Rahul Gandhi. He was accused of raping a girl named Sukanya Devi.

Rape Case and Rahul Gandhi:

The incident dates back to the 3rd December 2006 when Rahul Gandhi was in Amethi for a visit. He was accompanied with 7 other people including four foreigners. Two were from Britain and two from Italy. It was around 9 PM that night when they all were partying at the VIP Guest House in a high-security zone. 24-year-old Sukanya Devi was a follower of Nehru Family and wanted to meet Rahul Gandhi since long. That night, she finally got the chance. Sukanya was the daughter of a Congress worker named Balram Singh.

It is said that after having a small conversation, Rahul and his friends offered her liquor. The girl refused to drink and asked for permission to leave. She was, however, forced to stay back and drink alcohol. Later, they all raped her one by one. After committing the brutal crime, the girl was threatened to keep her mouth shut.

However, the girl, along with her mother went to the Police Headquarters, Amethi to file a complaint against Rahul Gandhi and his friends. However, the Inspector refused to file an FIR and asked them to leave.

On the other hand, few Congress workers visited her house to manipulate her father. They accused Sukanya of seducing Rahul Gandhi. Sukanya’s mother, Sumithra Devi called the press conference to make the case public. However, most of the mainstream media refused to publish the story. Sumithra was also assaulted by few Congressmen for trying to go public but this didn’t stop her to fight for justice. She tried to meet Rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi on 27th December 2006, but the latter refused to meet. The mother-daughter duo then also headed to New Delhi with a hope to get a chance to meet the President of India and the Honorable Chief Justice of India. But all their efforts went in vain.

After trying out all the options, they went to the Human Rights Commission which also was of no help. Sometime later, Sukanya Devi and his family went missing. Nobody knows where are they.

Rahul Gandhi Sukanya Devi Rape Case came into limelight when Ex-MLA Kishore Samrite of Samajwadi Party filed a rape case on Rahul Gandhi in Allahabad High Court. He also alleged him for detaining Sukanya and his family since 2007. However, the case was dismissed as the MLA had no proofs and witnesses to make his case strong. Nor was he able to reach out to Sukanya and his family to get their statements. Moreover, he took a U-turn in the court and said that he personally has no knowledge of the Rahul Gandhi Sukanya Rape case and that the Samajwadi party leaders including Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Singh forced him to file the case. He withdrew from the case alleging that the petition details were discussed in the New Delhi residence of Mulayam Singh

Justice B.S Chauhan and Justice Swatanter Kumar said that there was “not even an iota of evidence” to point out at any possibility of the alleged rape. The Supreme Court also directed Ex-MLA Kishore to pay Rs 5 lakh to the Gandhi family for defaming their public image under a false case. The case was permanently shut. However, the truth is still not known. Was it actually a political vendetta to defame Rahul Gandhi and to stop his rise? Or was Sukanya Devi actually raped and then made disappear?

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