WWW 30th anniversary- 5 facts about World Wide Web that you need to know

www anniversary

Its 30th anniversary of www and Google has celebrated with a doodle on their homepage. Tim Berners-Lee was the chief guy behind World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee invented www 30 years ago today on 12th of March 1989 at CERN’s research center in Europe. Tim Berners-Lee was a UK based computer scientist. His invention is today the most valued business in the world used by millions of billions of people for different purposes.

www anniversary doodle

Here are 5 facts about www:

  1. Tim Berners-Lee was responsible for writing first browser code for computer and also set the foundations for internet language called HTML and important protocols like HTTP and URL that are widely used today.
  2. Tim Berners-Lee published a research paper on 6th August 1991  on World Wide Web project. He demanded an information system which can be used to connect with another information system and share data in between them. This demand was accepted by the research center.
  3. The first communication on internet was done on these two systems. The web browser designed by Tim Berners-Lee was then launched outside CERN. was the first website that was accessible on the internet.
  4. This later set the foundation for internet that we see today. Big tech giants like Google and Yahoo later emerged from this.
  5. Today internet uses DNS (Domain Name System) for translating IP address of a website to more human friendly and easy to remember names that we type in the address bar. When you type a website’s name in the address bar of your browser and hit enter, DNS servers quickly resolves it and locates it IP address (ex:- 98.332.33.111) and starts loading data for the website. This all happens way too fast and is very hard to notice.
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