What is Glamping – Luxury Camping?

What is Luxury Camping - Glamping?

GLAMPING – What is glamping?

Glamping is the new trend on the rise in the travel world where luxury meets nature. Resorts which provide unique, outdoor accommodations and facilities which are far more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. While camping is done with basic needs alone, glamping ensures the maximum comforts a person can avail while on a camp. It stands in between a hotel stay and camping. It requires a lot of preparation. There are various glamping sites which help people to know the lifestyle of glamping and also check whether it suits them. Glamping appeals to all categories of people whether couples, families, a group of friends or corporates going out for team building.   More often it attracts honeymooners, those who want to break away from hustle and bustle of life or who want solitude in life.

Glamping – Thinking beyond Tent!

While planning for Glamping you have several options to choose from. Some are very uniquely weird and some you can co-relate from the days of childhood. Some of them are listed out from which you can select depending upon your need and personality

  • Airstreams and Trailers – can serve as a permanent glamping site or a mobile one
  • Barns & Farmhouses – gaining acceptance amongst travelers/revelers who are looking for rustic life.
  • Cabins – Experience of luxury and home comfort
  • Cubes and Pods – Luxurious eco-friendly pods and cubes in the lap of nature
  • Domes – A perfect glamping option for environmentally conscious people, providing perfection connection with nature
  • Yurts – The most popular form and ancient of glamping accommodations available to date. Accepted widely because it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint!
  • Treehouses – Traditional form of basking in nature, a tradition followed during childhood
  • Wagons and Shepherd Huts – A unique glamping concept which gives the charm of the countryside
  • Huts, Cottages, Lodges – Amalgamation of luxury and unfiltered nature, five-star amenities and elevated service


Tips for Glamping

Glamping sites are available worldwide so when you first start looking for glamping property, identify the geographical area where you are planning. Whether it is a great European country or an African safari, study the environment of the area.  Check whether your budget suits the location you prefer to glamp at. All glamping sites are not identical and are of different categories. It all depends on the budget. You cannot expect the glamp site charging $50/night giving you the same experience of the glamp site that charges $200/night. So plan your budget.

Before going for a Glamping, check out whether

  • The glamping property is kept ready for use
  • The bed is provided
  • Electricity supply is available
  • Cooking utensils and facilities are available
  • Food and beverages are available
  • Cleaning up provision is there
  • Furniture is provided


It helps you to check whether all essential items required are provided by the glamping facility so that you need not to carry with yourself and add to your baggage weight. Also when you plan, please check out on activities available during the day time, type of beds and other amenities being offered, any special conditions like it being a silent zone etc. Before zeroing down on a glamping property, do spend some time on the reviews of guests shared on travel sites to get experience.

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