TIME Magazine Takes U-Turn: Says PM Modi United India Like No PM In Decades

ModiWeeks after TIME Magazine issue calling India’s PM Narendra Modi as ‘Divider in Chief,’ now TIME says PM Narendra Modi united India like no PM in decades. Before Elections of 2019 in India, TIME Magazine had issued an edition calling PM Modi Ji as ‘Divider In Chief Of India’ on their cover page.

The story written in TIME by Aatish Taseer, son of Indian journalist Tavleen Singh and late Pakistani politician and businessman Salmaan Taseer faced backlash on social media.

Just after BJP won 303 seats in Elections, the magazine has taken a U-Turn and published a new article saying that PM Modi has united India like no PM in decades. The recent article ‘Modi Has United India Like No Prime Minister in Decades’ written by Manoj Ladwa, founder and chief executive of the India Inc Group, a London-based media organization.

“Despite the strong and often unfair criticisms leveled at Modi’s policies both throughout his first term and this marathon election, no Prime Minister has united the Indian electorate as much in close to five decades,” Ladwa writes. As Narendra Modi enters the second term as India’s Prime Minister, Ladwa says he has a lot of work to do and that his efforts recognized by global institutes like The World Bank and The United Nations.

“Having plugged some horrendous holes in India’s notoriously inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy in his first term, he will now need to focus much more ruthlessly on reforming those institutions and make them fit for the coming decades. This will require him to remain the pragmatic politician he is, and continue to shun the temptations of populism as he sets out his stall for a second term.”

“Modi may have been criticized for remaining silent during incidents of social unrest. But his work has been given the thumbs up at the ballot box by the Indian voters for directly addressing the root causes of some of India’s divisions. For them, the Modi dream of a New India remains very much intact,” Ladwa added.

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