Surat Fire Video goes viral- Lives lost in Surat fire- Time to ponder

surat fire videoMay 24, 2019. A day when 19 lives of bright students left us all of a sudden at Surat. A really sad, very sad event.

Who were they? Young boys and girls? The coaching students? Well, I consider them our future engineers, doctors, advocates, businessmen, scientists, leaders etc. It is not only a loss to their families, but a national loss. I saw the videos on media and social media, and these are just horrible. Seeing dozens of students jumping from a high building is breath stopping.

While a blame game starts between the concerned authorities, victim families, media persons and all of us, I humbly request you to think something else.

Have you noticed the bungee jumping? A person, wearing a safety belt is tied with a rope fixed at one end, and jumps from a high hill, brighe or something else. Suppose, the rope is a little smaller, what is the harm in that? If the rope is not pulled back, the person would keep hanging at a smaller distance.

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Now, imagine, you have worn a safety belt, and a rope is tied with the building window or piller. The rope is just say 1 meter short, in case of any mishap, you just need to check that the rope is properly tied, and jump. You’d be hanging just say 1 meter above the ground level, where, any passerby can support you to untie the hook, and land safely on the ground. The same rope may be pulled back by other persons trapped in the same building, if extra ropes are not there.

So, what do you need? A rope, a safety belt and that’s all. A good quality rope should not cost beyond Rs. 500-700. You may also get a personal safety belt for Rs.400-700 or so.For a family of four, if individual sets are procured, the total cost might be Rs.3000-4000 only.

The land is becoming costly, and high rise buildings are on rise. I understand, such an investment is a must for anyone living in a high-rise building.

Think. Invest some money for your safety. Share if you agree.

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