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Mobile Phones banned in all colleges in Tamil Nadu

Story Highlights

  • Ban applies to all colleges whether Govt or Private
  • College from all streams will have to comply
  • Although no deadline is mentioned for colleges
  • Move is to prevent misuse of smart phones

Tamil Nadu Government recently released an order to put ban on all kind of mobile phones in various colleges including Government colleges, the ones that are financed by Government in any way and to self financing colleges. This would be applicable on arts, science and other colleges. The step has been taken by the Government after repeated complaints from many colleges regarding boys using their mobile phones taking photographs and videos of girl students. Complaints regarding misuse of smart phones in examination halls were also reported by various colleges.

In co-education colleges, we have received complaints that boys were taking videos and pictures of girl students. Mobile phones are also occasionally used for malpractices during examinations.”

The order was issued by Pardeep Yadav who is currently working as Secretary (in-charge) for Higher Education. Although the order doesn’t mention any final deadline to comply with it, it just mentions to implement the new rule as soon as possible. Colleges are at liberty to decide the deadline and start following the order. Some colleges in the state has also mentioned about not getting any such written order yet.
Tamil Nadu cell phone ban college

Pic- IndiaTV

While few other esteemed institutes opposed the ban stating that students are responsible enough for using the mobile phone reasonably. It is also an important device that is used by students in various productive things also. It would be very early to say if such a move will be welcomed my majority of the students, especially girls, as they use mobile phones to keep in contact with their friends and family when they are out of their homes. Let us know if you think this is too harsh of a punishment to stop few people.

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