Warned Kerala in advance about the crisis multiple times: Tamil Nadu

Kerala Floods Sachin TendulkarTamil Nadu on Friday submitted a counter- affidavit in Supreme Court mentioning that it had warned Kerala and that too at at regular intervals in advance, but the Kerala government failed to head to the warnings.
Government of Kerala earlier in its statement in Supreme Court said that Tamil Nadu waited too long to warn the state about the crisis brewing at the Mullaperiyar dam which lead to the flood turning out to be disastrous at such a huge magnitude. Had it been warned earlier, more lives could have been saved. According to the affidavit submitted by the Kerala Government, they had started evacuating people from the neighboring areas of the dam even before any intimation about the critical condition of the water level by Tamil Nadu. Kerala further added that there was no response from Tamil Nadu to its request of subtle releasing of the water from the dam when it touched 139 feet mark which is considered to be dangerous during rainy seasons.

Tamil Nadu in its counter argument stated that it started issuing warnings to the state not just at critical water levels, but also when the water level was at 136 feet mark. After this, there were more warnings issued at 138ft mark, 140ft mark and then at 141 and 142 feet mark that is considered critical.

Now the question that arises is, why is this even a subject of debate. Why can’t Tamil Nadu submit the proof by showing the communication channels it used to convey the message to Kerala in the court and prove that it is indeed speaking the truth. This will just put an end to all the blame game that both the states are playing. Or did Tamil Nadu government used a pigeon to send warnings to Kerala that can’t be traced now. Why this has to be so difficult while people are losing their lives.

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