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Cultivation Of Marijuana Likely To Get Legalized In Himachal Pradesh

Marijuana Himacha PradeshThe state government of Himachal Pradesh might legalize the cultivation Cultivation Of Marijuana. If done so, it would be the second Indian state after Uttarakhand to legalize the cultivation of marijuana. In 1985, the Indian Government banned the consumption and cultivation of Marijuana in India due to international pressure. And earlier this year, the government of Uttarakhand legalized its cultivation.

According to a report in a leading daily, Jai Ram Thakur, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh said that the state has been demanding the cultivation of marijuana after it was legalized in their neighboring state of Uttarakhand. Many areas like Kullu. He said, “With Himachali areas in the Kullu district including Sainj and Malana becoming famous across the world for its high grade and high-potency cannabis strains, many in the government feel that legalizing the cultivation can help boost the economy of local cultivators.”

The idea has been supported by both Congress and BJP and it is likely that the cultivation of marijuana will be legalized in HP soon. If done so, it will boost the income of local cultivators. Moreover, it will also help the government in fighting drug mafia.

The use of marijuana can be traced back to the Vedic era. It has undeniably been a part of the Indian culture. The plant also has medicinal benefits. It cures nausea and muscle spasms.

People are concerned that the locals and the tourists can misuse it.  However, the government will keep a strict check on its use. CM Jai Ram Thakur said, “Considering the growing demand for legalizing the cannabis cultivation, we are willing to consider it but a decision will be taken only after looking at the existing laws and its implications.”


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