Dead Hindu wife not allowed in temple for last rites because she married a Muslim

Hindu temple denies last rites to muslim girl

New Delhi- The Kali Mandir society in Chittaranjan Park states that a woman is no longer regarded as a Hindu if she marries a Muslim boy as she adopts the surname of her in-laws.

A Muslim Husband wanted to perform certain rituals for her dead Hindu wife but the temple did not allow him because according to them the woman was no longer Hindu. The lady was Hindu before marriage and did not give up her faith in the Hindu Gods.

Imtiazur Rahman, who was Kolkata based lost his wife Nivedita Ghatak in New Delhi who suffered from multi-organ disorder and died last week. The couple was married from past 20 years in Special Marriage Act.
Nivedita was cremated according to rites and rituals followed by Hindu in Nigam Bodh Ghat, Delhi. But the family was not able to perform ‘shradh’, which is a peaceful state after death.

Imtiazur is an assistant commissioner at the commercial taxes department in West Bengal said, he booked the temple at Chittaranjan park which is a Bengali-dominated society on August 12, for the last ceremonies of his wife. He also paid Rs 1300 on Aug 9 for the temple but was told later by the head of the temple society that his booking was canceled.

The president of the temple society, Ashitava Bhowmik told that Rahman’s request was denied for more than one reason. He added that ”Mr. Rahman is hiding his real identity and made the booking by the name of his daughter ‘Ihini Ambreen’, which neither sounds like Arabic nor Muslim. He also says that we got to know about Mr. Abraham’s identity when one of the priests was suspicious and asked about his gotra.

Mr. Bhowmik strictly following his Hinduism added, as he could not tell about his gotra and a woman when marries a Muslim husband follows the same beliefs. Therefore, this was done to respect Hindu rites and traditions.
Doubting on that man, Bhowmik says that how could we trust such a man also if he gets his 50-100 relatives and starts performing Namaz inside the temple. What will we do in that case? Should we allow that to happen?


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