India Republic Day 2019 chief guest, speech and parade live

indian republic day 2019 chief guestIndia will be celebrating its 70th Republic day this 26 Jan. Every year on 26th of January, the Ministry of Defense organizes the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, New Delhi. The parades depict the rich cultural heritage of India and its unity in diversity. Various regiments of the Indian Army, Indian Navy and the Indian Airforce march past in their official decorations. Several para-military forces and other civil forces also take part in the parade. The celebrations are attended by the president of India.

Indian Republic Day 2019 Chief Guest

Every year since 1950, India hosts a Head of State or Government of another country as the State Guest of Honour. Republic Day 2019 Chief Guest will be South African President Cyril Ramaphosa who was invited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during their meeting at the G20 summit in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires.

Raveesh Kumar, Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs confirmed his visit in a tweet that read, “President Ramaphosa accepted India’s invitation to be the Chief Guest at Republic Day during the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted about his visit and the benefits of it. He wrote, “The upcoming visit of President Cyril Ramaphosa, and that too during the special occasion of India’s Republic Day will further cement business and people-to-people ties between Indian and South Africa.”

In another tweet, PM Modi wrote, “Glad to have met President Cyril Ramaphosa. At a time when India is marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, it is our honor to welcome President Ramaphosa as the Chief Guest for the 2019 Republic Day celebrations. Bapu’s close link with South Africa is well known.”

As said by PM Modi, Mr. Cyril’s visit to India will improve the bonds between the two nations. India and South Africa will announce a roadmap for their strategic partnership. They will together sign a document which is basically a three-year roadmap to implement joint agreements in areas like defense and security, trade and investment, science and technology, agriculture, tourism, political relations and IT.

Around 1.5 million Indian-origin people live in South Africa. However, due to strict visa regime in South Africa, Indians have to wait for a really long time who wish to visit South Africa. It is expected that the countries will negotiate an agreement which could liberalize the visa procedure.

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Republic Day 2019 70th year celebrations:

58 tribal guests from different parts of the country, 22 tableaux of central and state government departments have been invited to witness the Republic Day parade. The 90-minute parade will also include the performance by school children- 3 groups of children from Delhi schools and one group of children from Eastern zone Cultural center.

This year, the Republic Day parade will witness women taking the forefront. For the first time in the history, a lady officer will lead the Army Services Corps in the parade. For the first time, a woman contingent of Assam Rifles will take part in the parade. Also, the Daredevils Motorcycle team will include a woman officer in their team.

The Republic Day parade LIVE telecast will be done on Doordarshan.

Republic Day Speech:

Every year, the President of India addresses the nation on the republic day eve. This year too, President Ram Nath Kovind will address the nation on the eve of Republic Day. It will broadcast from 7 pm on the entire national network of All India Radio (AIR) and all channels of Doordarshan in Hindi, followed by the English version. It will then be broadcast in regional languages on regional channels of Doordarshan from 9:30 pm onwards.

Just like the celebrations take place in the Capital city, the day is celebrated in schools and colleges as well to inject a feeling of nationalism and patriotism in the future of India that is the young generation. The celebrations at school and colleges include the republic day parade, Republic day speech, hosting of the Indian flag, and other cultural programmes.

It is a good event for teachers or principal to address the students and tell them the importance about the day. Republic day speech in English for teachers should include the reason why the day is celebrated, a brief history, and how much importance does it hold.

Republic Day Speech in Telugu for teachers: It doesn’t necessarily require that the Republic Day speech should be delivered in English. It should be instead in a language that is accepted by the students easily. Because the motive behind the speech is to let them know the history about it and its importance.

On 26 Jan 1950, the constitution of India came into effect. The Consitution marked the actually Independence of India. Also, on this day, in 1930, the declaration of Purna Swaraj (Indian Independence) was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress.

 Beating the RetreatBeating the Retreat
Beating the RetreatBeating the Retreat
Beating the RetreatBeating the Retreat 

    Beating the Retreat Ceremony

    Beating the RetreatOfficially the ceremony of the Beating the Retreat in Delhi marks the closure of the Republic day celebrations. It observes the age-old tradition of halting the fight at sunset with the sound of bugles. Officially speaking the Beating the Retreat Ceremony marks the closure of Republic Day celebrations on 29th January held at Vijay Chowk with the stately Rashtrapati Bhawan in the backdrop.
    Beating the Retreat Ceremony is kicked off by certain units of armed forces giving live performances followed by hymn being played by the bands collectively called ‘Abide with me’. @6pm, a retreat sound is given by the bugles. With this sound of bugles, the National flag is lowered and the National anthem is sung in musical harmony. The Republic day celebrations are concluded with this with silhouette riders retreating!! A sight to behold.
    Jai Hind!
    Images of Beating the Retreat ceremony are copyright ©Harsh Wardhan All rights reserved worldwide. Images may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission from the copyright holder.
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