Rafale deal documents stolen from Defense Ministry’s office- Venugopal

rafale deal

Appearing on behalf of Govt of India, Attorney General K.K. Venugopal in Supreme Court on Wednesday said that the confidential document regarding Rafale deal were stolen from Defense Ministry’s office. Opposition has started bashing the Government after the news went public. Many people on social media also took it out on the Government. Govt also added that it is possible that Public servants working in the ministry stole that document from the office.

“Investigation is underway on the documents relating to the Rafale deal being stolen,” Mr. Venugopal further told SC.

Attorney General also added that the documents regarding Rafale deal were marked as highly confidential and putting them out in public domain was a direct violation of the Official Secrets Act.

Earlier, The Hindu has apparently posted the Rafale deal documents in one of their article. He argued that doing such was a contempt of court as it could lead to influencing Supreme Court’s judgement.

“Those who put documents on the Rafale deal in public domain are guilty under Official Secrets Act and contempt of court,” he said.

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