Is Priyanka Gandhi being used as a “Trump Card” by Congress for #LokSabhaElections2019?

Is Congress playing dynastic politics by launching Priyanka Gandhi as their "Trump Card"?

Priyanka Gandhi, a Trump Card for Congress in #LokSabhaElections2109

The Congress party is not much accustomed to the defeats that it has had to face in the last few elections. The lack of confidence of the people on Rahul Gandhi is not new and is probably not going to change easily. But as an opposition leader Rahul has had the opportunity to learn much more than he did while the party was in power. Rahul has traveled across the country and visited every possible site of natural or man-made calamity to connect with the people and assess the situation quite unlike the busy ruling Party chief. The change in Rahul Gandhi’s approach to politics is apparent and has succeeded in instilling confidence in many of his senior party workers. But the pertinent question is will this change be enough to win the#?

The Congress party has seen some major shift of support towards their end in the December 2018 elections. However, it may not be enough to win the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. Even if it was, the Congress party does not want to leave any stones unturned this time.

Is Priyanka’s Charm enough for Congress to win # ?

As a safe alternative to Modi wave and a trump card of Congress, Nehru-Gandhi family scion, Priyanka Gandhi was announced as the Congress General Secretary in charge of the Eastern Uttar Pradesh in January 2019, though it was speculated that she will take up the challenge of a more prominent role. Congress party cadre had long been demanding Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into the electoral fray and the timing was perfect. The best bet of Congress party was Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who bears a striking resemblance to her grandmother Indira Gandhi. Her confident speeches could just have been the answer to the “Ghar Ghar Modi” wave in UP. When Priyanka formally joined the Congress party in January, speculations were rife that she might be the trump card that Congress needed to steer the votes towards a definite win. Also few were debating whether Priyanka Gandhi was another instance of dynastic politics.

With #barely a few days away, the last Nehru-Gandhi family scion, Priyanka Gandhi, was found to be the best bet to face the challenges head-on posed by Hindutva nationalist government led by prime minister Narendra Modi. And what better place other than Uttar Pradesh to start the campaign. Though a bastion of Gandhi family, Congress had not been performing well in the 80 seats since last few Lok Sabha Elections! Rahul Gandhi played a gamble by fielding Priyanka but it looks like to galvanize and motivate the Congress State Party cadre which had been doldrums since #LokSabhaElections2014.

Though Priyanka did not start in February with a bang on speeches, but she was seen actively interacting with the party workers to boost their morale to ensure the win of her mother and brother contesting from their respective constituencies. In continuation with the task of fighting a high pitched battle, Priyanka addressed the party workers in Raebareli and told them that the 2019 elections were a “do or die battle between truth and lies”. She was welcomed warmly in both the constituencies and the party workers were seen coming out of the meetings all energized to work towards the win in not just the 2019 elections, but also for the 2022 assembly elections. Majorly her speeches in the election rallies broadly centered around “Your Vote is Weapon”, “Love over hate”, “don’t be misled by big promises” and “make your decisions carefully”.

But as it turned out the year 2019 will see her playing a different role. Though Priyanka has actively jumped into politics but sadly, she will not be contesting # and setting the stage on fire with her persona and fiery speeches. But the time is just appropriate for the party and party workers to boost their flagging spirits and keep them motivated in the heat of the elections. There is no doubt that she has been a crowd puller but for the news media, she is still an enigma and that is certainly an advantage for Congress!

Now the question remains: Will Congress be able to pull up a miracle with Priyanka Gandhi as their Trump card?

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