New Year Best Places in India

Best Places to visit in India during New Year

Best place for new year-minThe Best Places to Visit for Bidding Farewell to 2018 with Style in India

So, one of the most awaited occasions is here, and it’s time to celebrate it in style. Yes, I am talking about the opening of New Year, and we all know that it is marked with a tremendous amount of gist, colors, happiness, glamour, and energy. Everybody gets the opportunity to forget all the problems that this tough life poses in front of them and we all want to detox, refresh, & rejuvenate, whether it is by visiting a beach, crashing in a bar, dancing in a club, hooking on with our beloved friends, girlfriends, and family, or quietly celebrating the event with our close ones in the lap & comfort of our homes with peace & simplicity. Well, just like the likeability of anything varies from person to person and age group also counts as a strong factor, we know that there are various places in India where the new year can be celebrated with style and memorable moments can be created in the form of beautiful photographs and countless memories.

Although in our unique & diverse India, New Year is celebrated at different times & with various traditions as the style of celebration varies in different regions of India. But, as it is said, “What is universal, stay universal.” The same goes when the whole world comes under one roof to celebrate the New Year with mutual feelings of love, happiness, and delight for each other. Thus, it is indispensable for us to get an idea of the places in India where the New Year is celebrated with the most vibrancy and style. So, guys, let’s have a look at the sites where the people can bid goodbye to 2018 like they are having a party on fire-

  • DELHI- The World Class City of India

How can the national capital, our very own saddiDilli be left behind when it comes to celebrating New Year with passion? Now, I know after reading about Delhi, the initial images regarding New Year celebrations that will come to your mind will be of crowded clubs, pubs with couples, DJ Nights, wild parties with drinks, lights & massive dancing. Yes, that’s what the elite & expensive parties have to offer to quench the thirst for our deep cravings of joy & happiness. Places like HauzKhas, C.P., SatyaNiketan, Metro Walk, etc. will surely satiate your party animal as they offer a lot of booze and loud music. But be sure to book yourself in advance for private lounges or at exclusive nightclubs, as they are jam-packed due to the arrival of the best DJs in the world.

  • GOA- Does the place need any Introduction

Goa is rightly called as the Las Vegas of India, and it would not be wrong to say that more than half of the youth population of the country is bound to be found in Goa at the end of the year. This place is absolute heaven for tourists as it offers cheap beer, outlandish beach locations, and fabulously attractive parties. The parties on the sandy beaches can awaken you the inner fun-loving person who gets suppressed in the monotony carried by life’s heavy baggage. So, forget everything, go to Goa on the New Year’s Eve and drown yourself in fun with a bottle of beer.

  • MUMBAI- Our very own Manhattan

When the whole of India sleeps, it is Mumbai that the night comes alive. So, New Year will be a mega blast. The Mumbaikars are extraordinarily energetic and celebrate all the festivals with ardor and enthusiasm, So, New Year is also not an exception, some like to chill by soaking in the soothing air at the marine drive, or some desire to bang the dance floors in the clubs. Plus, if you are wealthy enough, there are various five-star hotels like JW Marriott, Maurya Sheraton, The Taj, Hyatt Regency, etc. waiting for your service. Along with these party and chill hubs, there are various other tourist attractions as well like Mannat, Jalsa, The Gateway of Mumbai, and much more to make your new year special.

  • KOLKATA- Hop on in the Capital of Artists for a Bash

Bengalis are famous for their intelligence and their artistic abilities. They are also very good at sports, and due to their talent, they have made Kolkata a metropolitan city. The culture and artists of Bengal are highly respected, and this reflects in the places like Party at the Sonnet, Orchid Garden, Underground, Shimmers Lounge, and Tantra. The famous bridge of Kolkata is also fully crowded in the time new year. The people indulge themselves in cultural activities as well and at the same time, they not behind in tapping their feet at the discos, pubs, and nightclubs.  So, get rid of your inhibitions and celebrate this New Year at Kolkata.

So, these were the places where New Year parties are in full swing and get out of your homes and bask in the merriness of the celebration because as they say, ” Don’t miss any opportunity to enjoy life, you don’t know when it is over.” Enjoy!!!!!

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