How to verify Aadhaar card online?

How to verify Aadhaar card online?

Verify Adhar OnlineAfter 38 days of hearing, Supreme Court passed judgment on the constitutional validity of Aadhaar, saying that it does not breach the right to privacy and is legal constitutionally. Right to privacy is a fundamental right but certain riders. In spite of the verdict from Supreme Court, Aadhaar Card is critical for linking to PAN Card which in turn is needed in most government-run services.

What is verification of Aadhaar Card – Mera Aadhaar, Meri Pehchaan?

We all know that Aadhaar is a 12 digit exclusive proof of identity storing demographic and biometric data of an Indian resident. The data and documents submitted to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) are verified and a unique Aadhaar Number issued to an individual. 12-digit unique identification number received by an Indian resident needs to be verified online on the UIDAI website.

Why do we need to verify Aadhar Number – Check if an Aadhaar number is valid and active?

Aadhaar card is a nationwide accepted photo Unique ID for an Indian resident and hence it is very critical to verify the information stored in the Aadhar number and whether it is active or not. At the time verification, the 12-digit unique number displays demographic data like name, gender, age, state of the cardholder. It will not display the biometric information like fingerprints, Iris scan. In case of any discrepancy of the information captured, the cardholder can contact UIDAI or call the toll free number (1947 ) or send an email ([email protected]) to contact UIDAI

How to verify Aadhaar card online – information and active status?

The procedure to verify personal demographic data of Aadhaar card is very simple and can be easily done online. SA stepwise guide is given below

Step 1: Open the UIDAI website. By default English language opens up but you can opt for  13 different local languages and change as per your requirement
Step 2: Search for section “Aadhaar Services” as shown in the screenshot (Red Arrow) below on the website


Step 3: Select “Verify Aadhaar Number” highlighted with an arrow

Step 4: A new screen opens up – as shown in step 5

Step 5: Enter the 12-digit unique Aadhaar number as shown on the physical copy of Aadhaar card you have


Step 6: Enter Security /Captcha Code in the box provided. If you are unable to read the code displayed, you can generate a new one by clicking the link “Try Another”

Step 7: Fill both the fields and click on the green button “Verify”

Note: Both the fields are mandatory and all letters are case sensitive

How to verify Aadhaar card online – Verification complete

On verification of entered Aadhaar ID with the UIDAI database, the following page is displayed with Aadhaar details provided it exists in UIDAI records.  By following these steps one can know the actual status of Aadhaar Card whether it is activated or de-activated and take appropriate steps for activation in case required keeping the importance of this identity card in view.


The above screen with your details like Aadhaar Number (Exists or not), Age Band, Gender, State and whether the mobile number is registered or not will be displayed. In case mobile number is registered it will display the last 3 digits of the registered mobile number.

If the Aadhar number does not exist, you need to visit nearest Aadhaar Enrollment center. Do carry the necessary documents with you like proof of identity and proof of address. For more details on the documents that you are needed to bring along, Click here. Your biometrics will be required to be re-verified and entered into UIDAI’s database. The entire process of re-verification and updating of biometrics and details in Aadhaar database will cost you Rs 25 plus GST at 18 percent.

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