Are you a true nationalist? 7 genuine questions to find out

questions to check if you are true nationalistAn individual who advocates political independence of our country is a nationalist. In laymen language, a person who is happy for the independent nation and further looks for the development of one’s country is a true nationalist. If you could relate to the following then you are a true nationalist.

Do you obey all traffic laws?

indian traffic rules

Traffic Rules are basic road safety rules. Everyone is careful about their life. Although, a true nationalist is also concerned about the life of other citizens. Hence, one should follow all rules and laws made by the government.

Do you litter out in public places? Have you ever damaged public property?

Littering in public Anushka Sharma

“Keep your surroundings clean.” It is a very famous saying that states one should keep their surrounding clean for the hygiene as well as cleanliness purpose. Although, being a true nationalist you should not only be concerned about your surroundings but other public places as well. One should not litter in places, rather use dustbins. Cleanliness will make it hygienic for people as well as it will attract more tourists.

Each of us is always careful towards our personal property. We even tend to fight will people, if they destroy or damage our property. Hence, a person who is careful about even the public property and does not destroy or damage is considered a true nationalist.

Exercise Right to Vote?

Right to vote

A true nationalist will always be concerned about the growth of the country. Government plays a major role in molding our country towards a better future. Hence, each one of us should exercise our right to vote so that appropriate government will be elected. Every vote counts and everyone should vote for the development of our nation.

Do you pay your taxes on time?

income tax raid

Our country is in the developing stage. There has a lot of positive changes in the infrastructure of the country and the living standard of an individual. There has also been a decline in the number of people below the poverty line. The infrastructural changes, as well as the measures for the improved living standards, have been taken by the government. Although, government tends to spend money on these expenditures from the tax collected (i.e. the tax citizens of India pay to the government). Hence, a true nationalist will always pay tax on time for the betterment of our country.

Have you ever hurt any animal?

loving animals

As per our constitution and fundamental duties 51A, we shall love animals and nature. We have always been taught to love each and everyone around us, so why not nature and animals also? A true nationalist will never hurt any animal or nature for their own benefit. In fact, they would stand against those who perform cruel activities on animals or destroy nature.

Have you offered a bribe to a public servant to get your work done quickly?

A true nationalist also understands the repercussions of bribing a public servant. Bribing is considered a crime in India and it is absolutely against the laws. Bribing makes rich people richer and poor people poorer. It also discriminates and gives a chance to a non-deserving person, instead of a deserving one.

Disrespected constitution in any way?

Constitution of India

img src-

India is our country and we should respect the constitution of India. The constitution is the base of formation of India. We should love and respect each and every part of our country. And that is what makes a person a true nationalist.

A true nationalist will always love and respect the country. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and check their reactions.
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