Nowruz: New Year festival for the Parsis

Nowruz festival New Year Parsi celebrations

The Parsi community is celebrating their new year today i.e; 17th August. It is also known as Nowruz and Pateti, this is a festival of Parsis where they will be offering their prayers at fire temple and merrymaking by decorating their houses with lights, flowers, and rangoli. It is marked as the beginning of Iranian calendar.

In India, this festival is celebrated in the regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Also, it is celebrated in the regions of the world like USA, Middle-East, and Pakistan.

The Parsi community migrated to India 3,500 years ago and the origin of Parsis have been traced from Persia. They follow Zoroastrianism which was founded by Prophet Zarathustra. The Persian king Jamshed introduced this Persian calendar. To honor his kingship the festival was named as, Jamshed-i-Nowruz. Parsi means Persian in Gujarati.

As an offering to the God, Persians dress up in their traditional dresses and visit the fire temple. They offer sandalwood, fruits, milk and flowers to the fire.

A festival without different food delicacies is a boring way to celebrate festivity. Parsis love their cuisine which is a mix of sweet and hot food. Parsis popular dishes for this lovely festival include Patra ni Macchi, lagan nu custard, sali marghi, dhan-dar (Parsi dal), kid ghosht and mutton cutlets.

Our sources talked to one of the professors:

“We will offer our prayers in Parsi Agyari in Khamasa and then we meet our community members, family, friends, and relatives. Then we exchange sweets with everyone around. We do house cleaning and decorations, also make traditional Parsi food which is eaten by the family together.

The festival is celebrated by the Zoroastrians cleansing their souls and minds by keeping everything positive ahead. The festival is also marked as renewing the souls with peace, love and prosperity. Government also launched ‘Jio Parsi’ scheme last year to address the declining population of Parsis.

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