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Narendra Modi is an icon in himself as he is known for rising from humble beginnings to Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi was born in a small town of Vadnagar, Northern Gujarat. His father was a street merchant who struggled really very hard to support his family. He was born on 17th September 1950at 11:00 am. He helped his father in selling tea and then later ran his own tea stall. He was called a ‘Chaiwala’ and is still called by that name. But it did not have an adverse effect on Modiji, he too feels proud and is not ashamed at all. He frequently picks this topic in his speeches. This shows that he is still attached to his roots. Narendra Modiji, is the third child of six children born to his parents. He is a very affectionate son and caring brother to his siblings. He is always in touch with them and is aware of their problems and whereabouts.

Narendra Modiji is a popular speaker, who always receives a huge number of listeners to listen to. Though Gujarati is his mother tongue, he can speak Hindi very well. Modiji is well versed in these basic bhashas and can communicate easily everywhere. Narendra Modiji belongs to Ghanchi caste (mostly known as oil selling community similar to Telis of Northern India). This caste belonged to upper caste category but later it was introduced in OBC Category after a notification was issued by the Union Government.

Narendra Modiji and his wife Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi had traditional marriage at an early age. It is said that they never lived together and therefore Modiji gave up his home and so his marital life was finished.He has no children.

Narendra Modiji can be contacted via his official contact details.

  1. Narendra Modi Contact number – 91-11-23012312
  2. Narendra Modi House address – 7 Race course road, New Delhi
  3. Narendra Modi official website –
  4. Narendra Modi Email Id – [email protected]
  5. Narendra Modi office address – South block, raisina hill, New Delhi – 110011

Modiji is very active on social media. He or his staff usually operates them. He has got an account generally in all the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus. He is one of the most followed Indian personality in Twitter.

Narendra Modiji is too prominent in blogs, e books, and biography books. His achievements can be known in these books and blogs. Modiji would dot down every incident, victory, meetings in his blogs, which is open for the public to read. In this way, people will come to know about his hard work and timely achievements. Biographies, E books and Audio books can be purchased from Amazon India and Flip kart. There is a vast range of these collections, where Narendra Modiji is described as a political persona, and India’s man of the moment, all his achievements and commitments.

Narendra Modiji is considered a famous and powerful leader not just in India, but in the world. Wherever he goes, he leaves a positive mark on others with his attractive personality and confidence. He has many leadership qualities, which are hardly seen in other politicians. They are –

  1. Setting the example as a leader.
  2. Express intense enthusiasm.
  3. Understand the people.
  4. Act confidently.
  5. Visionary and think long-term.
  6. Be very decisive.
  7. Lead with courage.
  8. Have the charisma
  9. A powerful public speaker.
  10. Adaptability and stay updated.

Modiji was involved in Indian politics at a very young age. He was introduced in RSS which can also be known as “National Patriotic Organization”. After working fulltime for RSS, he later joined BJP.

Narendra Modiji has an official state car for himself, which is used by the Government to transport its head of state. Modiji has a BMW7 Series – DL 4CCB1111. It is all over shielded with bullet proof materials. The car cost 2 crores, with so many modification and security features. It also protects from bombs, missiles. It gives oxygen supply in case of gas attacks.

Narendra Modiji has been affiliated with ‘Champion of the Earth’ award due to his outstanding environmental leadership on the Global stage. This award was established by United Nations Environment Programme. Modiji also supports and champions the International Solar Alliance, a global partnership to scale up solar energy.

Narendra Modiji, therefore is an ideal inspiration for the youth of India. His courage, passion and his persona speaks for himself. Along with his political career, he is clean in his personal life as well. Today’s youth must work upon in every field to make India proud by following his footsteps. Narendra Modiji, can be said that he is a self-made man and is continuously working in every aspect to promote India all over the world.

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