How to link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number?

Register Aadhar Card with Mobile Number in easy steps by OTP

Aadhar Card link to Mobile Number

aadhar-mobile-number-updateIn September 2018, the Supreme Court in its ruling has categorically upheld the constitutional legality of Aadhaar but ‘mandatory authentication of users’ by telecom companies has been ruled out. It is not required that aadhar card link with mobile number but it has several benefits with the government trying to reduce nefarious and illegal activities. Telecom operators are also pushing this drive to curb the menace of fake SIM connections.

Aadhar Card is considered to be an identity proof for Indian residents and it is needed to take advantage of government-driven social security schemes, availing financial services like linking PAN,  filing income tax returns (ITR), pension disbursement,  keep bank accounts active, investments in mutual funds, insurance. Apart from these personal details can be updated on aadhaar self service update portal through OTP sent on the registered mobile number.

Steps to carry out Aadhar Card link with Mobile Number

The process of Aadhar Card link with Mobile Number is free and easy to follow, you can do it for single or multiple connections, you can link all of them to your Aadhar card. Before you start with the procedure of aadhar card link with mobile number, keep handy the Addhar number and the mobile number registered with UIDAI and has your biometric information associated with it. In case you do not have a mobile number registered then visit the nearest enrollment center and follow the steps as listed.

  1. Dial 14546 from the mobile number you want your Aadhaar card to be linked
  2. You will be connected with the IVR (Interactive voice response)
  3. You will be asked to choose whether you are an Indian or an NRI
  4. Re-verify Aadhaar by pressing 1
  5. Input 12-digit Aadhaar card number when asked, press 1
  6. On your Aadhaar-registered mobile number, an OTP (one-time password) will be received. This way you are giving your consent to your telecom operator to access your name, photo, and DOB from UIDAI
  7. You will hear the last 4 digits of your mobile number being read out
  8. If the digits are correct, enter the OTP and it is done
  9. Press 1 to complete the process and the link mobile number to Aadhar card happens


Sometimes due to load on the server, OTP is not generated instantaneously, please wait, else repeat the first step after disconnecting

It is easy to link mobile number to Aadhar card, takes a few minutes. This is the number where you will get all the notifications.

Steps to do Aadhar Card link with Mobile number by Visiting the Store/Retailer

Linking Aadhaar number with SIM number is mandatory now as per the directions from government and Supreme Court. To link your Aadhaar with your phone number, you will have to visit your service provider’s outlet. Follow the process mentioned below to link your Aadhaar with mobile number easily:

Step 1: Visit your telecom operator’s outlet/store.
Step 2: Carry a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar card.
Step 3: Provide your mobile number.
Step 4: The store executive will send an OTP to the mobile number that has to be linked.
Step 5: Provide the OTP to the executive for verification.
Step 6: Now provide your fingerprint to the executive.
Step 7: You will receive a confirmation SMS from your telecom operator.
Step 8: Reply ‘Y’ to complete the e-KYC process.

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