Navratri Images And Wishes 2018

Navratri (The festival of Nine Days) is just round the corner and people are looking forward to worshiping Goddess Durga and celebrate the festival. It will begin from 10th October 2018 and will end on 18th October. It is an important festival of Hindus in which people are observed fasting for the whole 9 days or less. Each day is devoted to different Avatars of Goddess Durga and there are 9 different colors dedicated for every day. There are several reasons from the past that lead to the celebration of this festival. It is believed that during this time, Goddess Durga defeated Mahishasur (a demon). On the 9th day, that is Navmi, people prepare special food and invite young girls who are a symbol of Devi. The 10th day or the Dashmi will be celebrated as Dussehra on 19th October. It is said that on Dashmi, Lord Rama killed King Ravana. People celebrate the day to signify the victory of good over evil.

9 Different Avatars of Goddess Durga are worshipped in these 9 days.

1- Sailaputri- Daughter of the Himalayas.

2- Brahmacharini- In this form, Parvati became the Sati and her unmarried self is worshipped as Brahmacharini.

3- Devi Chandraghanta: After marrying Lord Shiva, Maa Parvati started adorning her forehead with half moon (Chandra).

4- Kusmanda- The creator of the Universe.

5- Skanda-Mata- The mother of Lord Kartikeya

6- Devi Katyayni- The warrior Goddess

7- Devi Kalaratri- Goddess Parvati removed her fair skin and embraced the dark complexion to kill demons Shumbha and Nishumbha.

8- Mahagauri- Wife of Lord Shiva

9- Siddhidatri- The giver of Mystic Powers.

As the festival is just a few days away, we have shortlisted some best Navratri Wishes In Hindi With Images that you can send to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Navratri Images HD Download:

Here are some Navratri Images in HD that you can download and set as your wallpaper on your Phone Or PC.

Happy Navratri images for Whatsapp

image source

Navratri images hd

image source

Navratri Devi images

image source

Navratri Devi Images:

Mata rani images for Navratri

image source

Navratri special image

image source

Navratri special image

image source

Download the Mata Rani Images for Navratri by clicking right and selecting the save option. If you are downloading from the phone, then click press on the image and click on Save.

Happy Navratri Images for Whatsapp can be downloaded below:

Navratri image download

image source

Navratri wishes images

image source

Navratri Image Download option is available on this webpage. Just right click on the image you want to download and click save.

Happy Navratri 2018 Images:

Download the Navratri Wishes Images here:

Happy Navratri 2018 images

image source

Navratri images hd download

image source

Navratri images hd download

image source

We have a Navratri Special Image that would be perfect for your Whatsapp DP.

Navratri images 2018

image source

The team of The Telescope wishes you a Very Happy Navratri.

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