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Aadhaar card is a unique identification that will fulfill all the requirements of a person residing in India regarding identity proof. One thing to notice here is, Aadhaar is not a citizenship proof, but only an identity proof.

Aadhar card ki jankari Hindi me (हिंदी )

UIDAI is the authority responsible for the regulation, development, and issue of Aadhar Card. It is operated under Central Government and was established in 2009. It collects the biometric and demographic details of the residents of India. The data collected is stored in the UIDAI Database, and finally, a 12 digit unique identification number (known as Aadhaar Card number) is issued to each resident of India.

Any citizen irrespective of age, color, sex, religion, etc is eligible for Aadhaar Card. An individual can enroll for Aadhar Card number only once. If someone applies for Aadhaar Card twice, the database will pick previous related data through biometric as well as demographic details. This prevents duplication of data and maintains uniqueness.

Demographic  Information required while applying for Aadhar Card is:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth (verified) or Age (declared)
  3. Gender
  4. Address
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Email ID

Biometric Information required while applying for Aadhar Card is:

  1. Ten Fingerprints.
  2. Two Iris scan.
  3. Facial Photograph (on the spot).

The Authentication, e-KYC, Financial Address, and Uniqueness of Aadhar Card helps the Government to find any citizen of India, just by using the person’s Aadhar Number. It can be used in case of an emergency, delivery of various benefits, services etc.

Services provided by Aadhar Card are:

  1. Download Aadhaar Card online from UIDAI portal.
  2. Check status for enrollment and Aadhar Card generation.
  3. Find the nearest Aadhar Card center, easily.
  4. Update personal details through UIDAI portal.
  5. Verify the Aadhar Card number using UIDAI website.
  6. If you forget or misplace the Aadhar Card, you can retrieve the UID details.
  7. Check the status of linking Aadhar number to the bank account.

Download Aadhaar online

UIDAI portal offers a service to download Aadhaar Card from UIDAI portal. When you apply for Aadhar Card, it takes some days to generate the unique Aadhar number. Once the Aadhar Card number is created, Aadhar Card is sent to your residential address by post. Although, you can download Aadhar Card online as well.

You can download Aadhar card by Aadhaar number only or by using Enrolment number: After the generation of Aadhar Card number, you can download Aadhar Card from UIDAI official website using Aadhar number. You can print the E-Aadhar Card and use it till the original Aadhar is delivered at your place.

How to download Aadhar card by Aadhar number?

Follow the below-mentioned steps for  E-Aadhar card download.

  1. Go to the UIDAI website.
  2. Move the cursor to “Aadhar online services.”
  3. Then go to “Aadhar Enrolment” and tap on “Aadhar download” option.

e aadhaar card online4. You will be directed to another page “Download E-Aadhar by using your Aadhar, EID or VID.”
5. Choose “Aadhar” in “Enter your Personal Details” section.
6. “Aadhar” option will allow Aadhar card download by Aadhar number only.


Aadhar card online download

7. Enter the details it asks, i.e. Aadhar Number, Full Name, Pin Code, Security Code.
8. Select the relevant option for OTP.
9. You will receive a 6-digit OTP on your registered mobile number. Verify this OTP to complete the process of Aadhaar card download online by Aadhar number.
10. Now you can Download the Aadhar Card.

Aadhar Card is a unique identification number, and it needs to be linked with a mobile number. This verifies the identity of the application. To download your Aadhar Card (unique identification card), you should have the registered mobile so that you can verify your identity by entering the OTP. This OTP verification is done so avoid misuse of someone’s Aadhar card or Aadhar number, personal information, and benefits of all the services linked with that Aadhar number such as PF account, bank account, etc.

In case you have lost your Aadhar number or Enrolment number then you can download Aadhar Card using VID or name and date of birth. Although, you will have to perform OTP verification in either case.

Aadhaar PVC Card: You can also use Aadhaar card in PVC format and help save it from getting wears and tears. Your Aadhaar card will come in plastic card format and you can use a lot of online services to get your Aadhaar card in plastic format also.

To link mobile number with Aadhar number, you need to visit a nearest Aadhar Enrolment center and submit the request to link mobile number with your  Aadhar number. After submitting the request, Aadhar number will be linked to your mobile number.

Linking mobile number with Aadhar number will:

  1. Let you complete KYC on various applications.
  2. Link your bank account with Aadhar Card.
  3. Link EPFO account, pension account with Aadhar number.
  4. Prevent misuse of your details as they won’t be available unless you verify registered mobile number.
  5. Secures all the data entered or linked to Aadhar Card.

The government of India has made it mandatory for the Indian residents to link Aadhar Number anywhere and everywhere. Even while using any digital wallet, it will ask you to complete KYC which ultimately ask you to link Aadhar Number. The mobile operator or mobile service providers have made it compulsory to link mobile number with Aadhar Number or the mobile number it won’t work.

Earlier applying for credit card, bank account or even purchase a SIM (new mobile number) would require you to go through a lengthy procedure of submitting passport size picture, providing the residential and permanent address, signing and attesting various identity documents, etc. Although, issue of Aadhar Card has made this process easier. Nowadays, you need to submit only your Aadhaar Card as it will automatically verify your identity via demographic and biometric information linked to your Aadhar number.

Ultimately, Aadhar Number (with the registered mobile number) can solely provide various services and verify our identity within a short period.

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