After The Deadly Blue Whale Challenge, Children Are Becoming Victim Of Momo Challenge

The game has claimed life of two teenagers in India and police is on vigil to prevent more such cases

Last year, a game named ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ went viral and took lives of several teenagers around the world. And now, another deadly game called Momo Challenge is targeting children. The premises of the game is exactly the same as that of the Blue Whale Challenge was. It allegedly gives a series of tasks to the players and the final task asks them to take their lives.

The game is first said to have originated on Facebook where people were asked to communicate with an unknown person via an unknown number. Later, the link of this game started circulating on Whatsapp as well.

According to a news portal, Momo Challange has a social media account on Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube which uses the image of a scary doll with large eyes which instantly grabs the attention of children. A Japanese artist named Midori Hayashi had created the image and says that she is not associated with the game in any way.

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The game is taking lives:

A 12-year-old girl from Argentina was the first one to take her life due to this game. She apparently filmed her tasks on the phone before committing suicide. The Argentina Police thereafter issued a warning for the parents to keep a close eye on their kids.

This new challenge has till now claimed two lives in India. To deal with this new threat, several state police authorities in India have issued warnings over the same.

Here’s how you can protect yourself:

The cyber experts have warned people to avoid accepting any invitation to play from an unknown number and also to avoid clicking on any unidentified links. If you get an invitation to play a game from an unknown person, you should block that number right away. Moreover, people are advised to frequently change the passwords of their emails and social media accounts.

Parents should be aware about what their kids are doing. They should spend time with their kids, talk to them, and listen to them.


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  1. If parents do not take these issues seriously, they can lead to serious consequences as children do not yet have a self-defense mechanism.

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