What is Mohalla Clinic? What are its benefits?


221Mohalla ClinicsMohalla Clinic, an amazing initiative taken up by many of the state governments. It is a highly potential initiative to help urban poor population for basic health care. It has been aimed to build 1,000 such clinics in such a way that there would be 1 clinic in 5km radius area.

Some of the basic features of the Mohalla ClinicMohalla Clinicare:

  1. They provide basic health care facilities along with many free medicines and tests.
  2. The doctors, who treat here, are hired on a contractual basis and paid ₹40 per patient.
  3. Highly helpful for the urban poor population.
  4. Set up in many states such as Andra  Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka etc.

Mohalla ClinicsMohalla Clinic in Delhi has been set up by the Delhi government and operate from 8 am to 2 pm. On the contrary, clinics set up in Andra Pradesh, as well as Karnataka, have evenings shifts also. These operate in 2 shifts i.e. Morning Shift 8 am to 4.30 pm and pm to 8 pm. Besides this, clinics in Karnataka have been set up with better facilities and with a budget of ₹20 lakh per clinic (two room), 80 free medicines and 219 free of cost tests whereas those in Andra Pradesh have been set up as a private-public joint initiative. Thus, clinics in Karnataka and Andra Pradesh provide better health care facilities, tests which are free of cost, an emergency unit for emergency cases and medicines for regular chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperthyroid, etc.

Mohalla Clinic

The first ever Mohalla ClinicMohalla Clinic was set up in Peeragarhi area of West Delhi in July 2015. All such clinics have been set up near urban poor habitat (area) so that is easily approachable. As of now, 189 mohalla clinics have been set up in Delhi and the government aims at extending it to 1,000 such clinics. Since the initiative is working well, hence the government is planning to hire more additional pharmacists and ANMs once the code of conduct will be lifted. They’ll  be hired on ad hoc basis i.e. when necessary or as per the requirement.

While Mohalla ClinicMohalla Clinic is an amazing initiative by Delhi government but it would have been better if the facilities could improve and emergency units could be set up. This will ultimately make health care facilities accessible to needy people (urban poor).

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