India’s Oldest YouTuber Passes Away At The Age of 107

MastanammaIndia’s oldest YouTuber, Mastanamma passed away as reported by The Week. The 107-year-old granny became an Internet sensation last year after the recipes shared by her went viral. Her YouTube cooking channel named Country Foods has over 12 lakh subscribers. In her videos, she introduced amazing local delicacies and also shared some useful cooking tips. In her recipes, she did not use any fancy ingredients but the locally sourced materials.

She came into limelight after her grandson Laxman who is a graphic designer shared a video off his granny preparing brinjal curry for him and his friends. Laxman told the leading daily, “It went viral. This was in August 2016.”

His friend added, “It was a block buster and just that single dish had 75 lakh viewers. Her watermelon chicken curry, kebabs, and biriyani recipes were also widely appreciated.”

On Dec 3, the YouTube channel handled by Laxman live streamed her final journey.

Her followers are saddened by her demise. A user named Divya Jyoti wrote, “My heart is extremely heavy with grief and I am just lost for words. I understand that angels like you are much needed in heaven.. because God would also want some divinely delicious food cooked by such a sweet and caring grandma like you.
I will never forget our brief talk through the video call and the way you blessed me told me to eat well and stay strong and be happy. perhaps it is your blessings that I am still being happy and strong.. your life story has been one of the most courageous and Inspirational stories I have come across.
I am really gonna miss your smile.. but this is not goodbye amma.. there will always be a Mastanamma in every courageous lady who lives life to the fullest despite the will continue to be an inspiration to all the generations for eternity.
You were not just the world’s coolest 106 young YouTuber
But the living example of the courage of an Indian woman who till her last breath cares about her family… and continues to be maa Annapurna the nurturing goddess.
Everyone cares about their families but very rare people have the big heart to cook and feed the whole village like mother Annapurna such as you. now that you are in heaven language wouldn’t be a barrier.. please know that I love you.. my mother is also in heaven and she is very passionate about cooking perhaps you can meet her and teach her some of your recipes?
Have fun in heaven amma.. your legacy lives on.. thank you for being a blessing in our lives.”

Mastanamma hailed from a village named Gudiwada located in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. On her 106th birthday, her fans had sent her money.

Her popular recipes were Watermelon Chicken, Egg Omellete in Tomato, Lemon Chicken Recipe, and Egg Dosa.

May her soul rest in peace!

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