Masai Tribe Facts: Clothes, Jewelry, Culture, Diet, Height and Jumping!

Masai Tribe Facts: Clothes, Jewelry, Culture, Diet, Height and Jumping! Splash of Color - Masai Tribe!

Masai Tribe Facts

Masai Tribe is the ethnic tribal & semi-nomadic people of Kenya & parts of Tanzania, characterized by their typical bright (especially red) colored dresses. They usually live around the game parks of East Africa. They have a very distinctive lifestyle, customs & dresses. Majority of adopted Maasai Religion is Christianity, speak Swahili & few men are good in English too and a minority of them are Muslims. Many settlements allow visitors to visit their villages but charge quite a hefty amount of money for that. 


Maasai Clothing

They are interesting people, very well bonded patriarchal families, mainly raise cattle for their living along with some farming. Wild animals know them well because of their rich bright clothes & avoid attacking them. Masai Tribe menfolk prefer wearing red clothes specifically along with a red robe by name of “shuka”. Womenfolk also wear bright colors decorated with beads. Masai Tribe is fascinated by red color that their warriors dye their braided hair in ochre. During eunoto festival of Masai Tribe, men and women both dye their hair in ochre. Their clothes are very colorful & ornaments, both beaded & wooden are very popular & very distinctive. Heads are either completely shaved or they may have long hairs or weaved in braided strands with colorful beads. They wear a very intricate colorful jewelry which they are happy to show off & in fact sell to the tourists, always in American dollars.


Maasai Traditions

Infant mortality is pretty high & dead are left for the scavengers as they thing burying spoils the soil. Males are raised as warriors & live in bushes for a long time. They marry late & society is polygamous. Boys become junior warriors after circumcision, which is celebrated by the community. Female circumcision is not uncommon & a girl without circumcision may be rejected in a wedding. Killing a lion improves the image in the community, giving a celebrity status. This practice is now discouraged by the Kenyan government.


Masai Tribe Jumping – Adumu

Visiting tourists are entertained by the traditional “Masai Tribe Jumping” dance known by the name of adumu. Masaai Tribe facts suggest that the height during the ‘jump dance ritual’ reaches a high of 50 – 80 cm approximately! “Masai Tribe Jumping” dance is famous during a eunoto festival which celebrates the transition of young men to warriors in life. In the adumu aka “Masai Tribe Jumping” form of dance menfolk form a circle and jump as high as possible elegantly, such that their feet just kiss the ground! The higher one jumps more admired he is!

Maasai Tribe Facts

Masai Tribe Height is considered to be one of the tallest people in the world, ranging to 6 ft 3 inches. Even womenfolk are found to touch the height of 6 ft 2 inches, having a slim and slender body with heads elongated. Piercing, modifying or stretching of ear lobes is a common tradition in both men & women. Maize also forms a part of their staple diet. Traditional Maasai Tribe Food consists of six staple items namely – milk, meat, fat, blood, honey, and tree bark. Masai Tribe consumes cattle for food, milk, flesh as well as the blood and sometimes mix milk and blood but do not eat beef. Masaai people drink blood to alleviate intoxication and the blood is drawn from loose flesh on the cow’s neck with an arrow. Masaai warriors have a different diet consisting of raw – milk, blood, meat and some vegetables and fruits.  Maasai houses are basically semi-nomadic build loaf shaped mud houses waterproofed with cow dung & urine.

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